The Top 10 Toys to Gift on Valentine’s Day

by Colleen G.

February 10, 2024


For Lover’s Lane, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We just can’t get enough of all you adorable couples appreciating the hell out of each other on the international day of love.

On this special day that’s basically become all about sex (and we wouldn’t have it any other way, of course!), we’d like to inspire you with some of our latest bedroom gear that’s guaranteed to create an evening to remember for the remainder of 2024.

Let this year’s Lover’s Lane list of essential sex toys, lingerie, and assorted adult accessories get your sexual motors running to show your partner just how much they mean to you – and that includes you, too, single ladies and guys.

Find the perfect gift for your couple’s or solo sex sessions with our overflowing collection of new product releases just for V-Day.

#1: A Clitoral Suction Sex Toy

Are your couples’ oral sex sessions on absolute fire? Are you a wizz with your five-finger game and don’t even need a sex toy to climax or finish off your partner? Congrats on winning at sex, but still: your bedroom needs a suction toy, or a new one to add to your already bursting collection.

The world-famous Womanizer brand has just released the latest version of their eponymous PleasureAir technology. The Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air, which also comes in a lovely sage green or plum purple, is the finer-tuned, 14-function iteration of the company’s mainstay clit sucker you’ve come to know and love, or are just dying to get your hands on.

The LELO Sona Cruise and InBloom Rosales Sucking Vibrator are also worthy V-Day gift choices that’ll keep on giving once your bouquet of roses has wilted.

#2: A Decorative Mood-Setting Gift

Even though we’re a sex toy and lingerie retailer, we still get that not every gift needs to hop straight into your pants. Romance yourself or your V-Day love with a serene, scented mood, courtesy of a stylish, essential oil diffuser.

The Serene House Muse Ceramic Smart Wifi Diffuser is on the pricier end for its techy features, like a changeable LED light, smart timer function, and impressive 5-8 hours of misting time, all controllable via an app.

The Serene House Zodiac Ceramic Diffuser is a great mid-range version that also features soft, hued lights, 4 hours of continuous mist, and a ceramic vase design to match your home décor.

The Serene House Mino Spill-Proof Usb Diffuser is the best choice for folks on a budget and features 2-5 hours of mist time and automatically shuts off when the water runs out.

Don’t forget to add some essential oils to your Valentine’s Day cart, too, like the 3-piece Serene House Energy Set or the single bottles of patchouli, tea tree oil, and lavender.

#3: A Dick Vibrator You Can Both Enjoy

What could better than a penis stroker toy with the power to get you both off? Now you don’t have to choose between a vibrating couple’s ring or a stroker, because the Manta men’s vibrator is the best of everything.

Gift yourself or your man the Manta vibrator, a unique masturbation toy in gorgeous green or jewel-toned garnet. The Manta can be used alone for stellar stroking sessions or during couples sex to share the vibrations.

Lube up the Manta’s silicone surface and slide it up and down the penis, and please feel free to get creative with your mouth and hands, too. The Manta even fits between your bodies to transfer the vibrations to her clitoris while stimulating his sensitive frenulum, the underside of his member.

#4: A High-Tech Jerk-Off Tool

Show your man just how much you understand him and his need to take care of some solo business, even if you have a fantastic sex life. (And if you are the man in question here, remember that self-given gifts on Valentine’s Day aren’t just for the ladies.)

Nothing says your guy deserves the very best in self-pleasure quite like an ultra-techy sex toy.

The Zolo Blowbot Masturbator, Zero Tolerance Cyclone Stroker, Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker and Zolo Blowstation Masturbator will make his heart sing and his penis hard with all the latest features in masturbatory technology.

#5: New Lingerie

Lingerie is as classic a Valentine’s gift as chocolate and roses. In true Lover’s Lane fashion, we’ve brought in some new, sexy little numbers to add to you or your gal’s collection of bedroom wear.

The Ur Mine Teddy and Ur Mine Plus Size Teddy bring a modern touch to traditional, V-Day red with nude mesh and elastic trim that seductively outlines your curves.

Unleash your wild side with the Rose Print Deep Plunge Lounge Romper and Rose Print Deep Plunge Plus Size Lounge Romper, a classy one-piece with jungle print that features blue and teal jaguar spots accented with red roses.

Bring an old Hollywood vibe to your V-Day with this light pink, Marilyn Monroe-worthy silk robe, the Helena Satin And Lace Robe and Helena Satin And Lace Plus Size Robe.

#6: A Sex Toy We’re Sure She’s Never Tried Before

For the woman with an overflowing bedside drawer, it’ll take something truly unique to wow her on February 14th, and boy, do we have some new sex goodies that’ll do exactly that.

It’s a mini sex machine, it’s a G and P-spot vibrator, and it’s quite possibly the most perplexing sex toy design your lover has ever seen. The Cowgirl Cone Premium Sex Machine is a sit-on, silicone vibrator with a cone shape designed to gently spread your sexy parts while buzzing throughout your entire pubic area. The Cowgirl Cone comes with 2 attachments to make it truly gender-inclusive and more stimulating depending on your pleasure preferences.

In 2024, sex toy brands are covering all your bases, including those on your body and on your dresser. Set the Essence Of Love – Love Lamp on your night stand and it becomes a stylish, softly glowing lamp. Pick it up and this floral-shaped design transforms into 2 sex toys, a suction clitoral stimulator and a mini, curved vibrator.

#7: Furniture That’s Just For Screwing

C’mon, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re trying to tell us you’re not going to go all-in on a gift that’ll require a whole roll of wrapping paper?

If you’ve got the extra bucks this month, spring for a big-ticket item that’ll definitely lead to some serious action, like the adventurous and kinky Liberator Scoop Valkyrie Edition With Micro Loop And Cuffs or the classic-yet-versatile, double cushion set-up of the Liberator Flip Ramp.

And if you really brought home the bacon last year, you may want to peruse top-tier luxury options like the Bedroom Bliss Love Couch or Love Glider Sex Machine.

#8: A Double-Pleasure Couples Toy

Though admittedly any sex toy you gift can and will become a ‘couples toy,’ there’s nothing like a pleasure product that aims to give just as well as it receives.

In the bonafide couples toy category, Lover’s Lane keeps it inclusive and innovative with enough vibrators for everyone and all partner preferences accounted for.

The Boundless Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Harness features a slim, silicone dildo with 10 vibration modes for the receiver and easy access to the wearer’s nether regions with a vibrator or penetrative toy. We especially adore the Boundless Harness for straight or queer couples who like pegging, and lesbian or queer couples with a penchant for body-to-body thrusting.

Get creative with the Tease Us Special Edition Set – Bond + Moxie, a 2-piece couples kit that includes a magnetic, app-controlled panty vibrator and an app-controlled cock ring. Both the Bond (the cock ring) and the Moxie (the panty vibe) have over ten vibration intensities that can easily be controlled with a smart phone app or the included, wireless remote control.

Throw it back to the early 2000s with the original couples sex toy that started it all: the wearable We-Vibe vibrator. The newly re-designed We-Vibe Chorus Couples Toy features the same C-shape and shared, internal vibrations of the brand’s very first couples toy with a sparkly, vintage-look blue or pink tone.

#9: A Gift Kit for Extended Foreplay

Why rush things on the day devoted to love? When you play Cupid on the 14th, treat your lover to a gift that promises a slow-burning evening of full-body worship.

Shunga is one of our favorite brands for creating a sensual evening of candle-lit baths, oil massages, and serums that tingle where it matters most.

Stay up late into V-Day night with these gorgeously giftable, bath and body product sets, like the Garden Of Edo Collection, Carnal Pleasures Collection, and Touch Of Romance Collection.

#10: A Fragrance to Arouse and Seduce

Another classic Valentine’s Day staple, the gift of perfume or cologne can incite desire in more ways than one. Infused with brain-tingling pheromones that stimulate attraction, our selection of fragrances will delight your senses and heighten those lovey-dovey feelings for your V-Day sweetie.

Eye of Love’s his-and-hers sprays, Matchmaker Red Diamond Pheromone Fragrance to Attract Him and Matchmaker Black Diamond Pheromone Fragrance to Attract Her, make a lovely pairing for couples featuring notes of citrus, vanilla, and amber.

Simply Sexy is a bright, fun line of more sweetly-scented perfumes with fruity, flowery notes, like the Simply Sexy – Love All Of Me, Simply Sexy – Let’s Lock Lips , and Simply Sexy – Yours Truly.

Kama Sutra’s original, unisex pheromone oil, Sex Magnet Pheromone Infused Fragrance Roll On, blends beautifully with your natural body oils to create a unique scent for wearers of all genders.

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