Power to Your Pelvic Floor

by Colleen G.

September 8, 2023


Kegel Toys & Exercises to Keep it Healthy & Strong

Ready for a workout you’ll actually look forward to? Welcome to Kegel exercises, the total pelvic workout routine that helps fight incontinence while promising stronger, more pleasurable orgasms.

Kegels are the easiest route to stronger muscles in your vagina and pelvic floor, which are responsible for maintaining healthy blood flow and keeping your body parts up to par. We suggest Googling around to find the right Kegel routine for your body, but in short, this type of vaginal exercise involves inserting a small weight and completing a series of squeeze-and-release sets to tone the muscles around the vagina and urethra.

You can even try a Kegel right now! Concentrate on your vaginal muscles and squeeze them together, similar to stopping a stream of urine. Hold that squeeze for 5-10 seconds, and then release. It’s honestly no more difficult than that.

If you’re having any sort of health issues in your pelvic area, like pain during sex or anytime something is inserted into your vagina, we suggest consulting your gyno before starting a Kegel routine. Certain conditions like vaginismus, an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles caused by past sexual trauma, can often be made worse with Kegels.

But if your sexual health is in the clear, Kegels can be a fun and even orgasmic way to up your sexual ante. Check out our curated Lover’s Lane list of some fantastic Kegel pleasure toys to keep your workout interesting.

CalExotics Weighted Kegel Balls

Start your Kegel collection with something budget-friendly and simple. The CalExotics Weighted Kegel Balls are an affordable, traditional-style set of Kegel balls that are great for beginners.

Just insert these teal green Kegel exercisers into your vagina (with a little bit of water-based lube if you prefer) and do your squeeze-and-release routine as you see fit. Gently pull on the silicone retrieval cord when you’re done with your workout.

Because these Kegel balls are coated with a seamless layer of silicone, they’re ridiculously easy to clean and care for. Just wash with a little soap and water and dry them before sticking them back in your sexy stuff drawer.

Kegel Training 2-Piece Set

When planning your Kegel routine, it’s important to start slow and level up only when your body feels ready.

Take the next step in your V workout with the Kegel Training 2 Piece Set. This small Kegel kit includes 2 comfortable weights: a heavier, single ball weighing in at 1.5 ounces and a lighter, double ball with a weight of 0.85 ounces.

There’s truly nothing more wonderfully simple than a couple of basic Kegel toys, fully coated in silicone with plentifully lengthy retrieval cords. Pop ’em in and pop ’em out (and don’t forget to enjoy the sensations while doing so, too).

Shibari Pleasure Weighted Kegel Balls

Alright ladies, are you ready for the ultimate weight-lifting set?

The Shibari Pleasure Weighted Kegel Balls is the ultimate V-building kit with 6 different weights, beginning with 1.06 ounces and ending at 3.88 ounces.

Test out a new weight each week with these whimsical, cherry-shaped Kegel balls that are ultra comfortable to insert and remove.

Niya Form 1 Bendable Kegel Vibrator

So we’re not going to lie, if getting into a Kegel workout routine isn’t doing the trick for you, this next Kegel-style exerciser can be used as an amazing vibrator if you get bored with the exercise part.

However you like to work those V muscles, the Niya Form 1 Bendable Kegel Vibrator is super bendable and ready to accommodate.

With 10 vibration functions, you can zip from strength-building Kegels to unstoppable orgasms – and all within the same play session!

The Niya Form 1 can even double as a clitoral or G-spot vibe. See if you can make it through your workout without climaxing at least once!

Kgoal Kegel Exerciser

The Kgoal Kegel Exerciser is a Kegel toy that’s not f*cking around (though we encourage you to play with the Kgoal while preparing for f*cking).

If you’re really into Kegels and tracking exactly how Wonder Woman-strong your vagina is becoming, the Kgoal is your ally. This app-compatible exercise toy can feel exactly how hard you can squeeze and respond with feedback on how to continue improving.

What we really adore about the Kgoal is that is features a clitoral arm that gives your pleasure button a little buzz when you’re kicking ass (or should we say kicking vag?) at reaching your exercise goals.

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