Put a Ring on It: Couples’ Rings for Shared Pleasure

by Colleen G.

July 6, 2022


In the famous words of Beyoncé, ‘if you liked, then you should have put a ring on it,’ and we at Lover’s Lane couldn’t agree more – at least when it comes to rings of the vibrating, pleasure-giving sort. If you’ve yet to put a vibrating ring on your partner’s ding-a-ling, it’s time to meet couples rings, c-rings, penis rings, or the slightly more raunchy term cock rings. Call ’em whatever you like, because vibrating penis rings are made to double your fun.

When your partner’s member is stiff and ready, stretch a silicone c-ring over their penis and secure it comfortably at the very base. C-rings provide gentle pressure and a light squeeze, which keeps blood inside the penis, allowing your partner to stay harder, have sex longer, and enjoy more satisfying climaxes.

For folks with erectile dysfunction or blood pressure problems, c-rings are fantastic for this very reason: because they (gently and comfortably) constrict the blood vessels that allow blood to leave the penis’s erectile tissue.

Besides all that good news for hard-ons, many c-rings come equipped with high-quality vibrators that are perfectly designed to stimulate your clitoris hands-free during intercourse.

We’ve gathered up a short list of some of our favorite couples rings to match your every mood and budget, but don’t forget to check out the entire Lover’s Lane cock ring department so YOU can put the ring on it this time, ladies!

Charged Big O Vibrating C-Ring

Screaming O is the OG brand of vibrating couples rings. They pretty much pioneered the category and inspired the entire sex toy industry to up their game in the c-ring niche.

You’ve got to try a Screaming O original if you’re going to say you know your c-rings. The Charged Big O blends a classic, stretchy silicone Screaming O design featuring 3 speeds with modern, rechargeable technology.

Coming in at under $35, Charged Big O is a great place to begin your couples ring journey.

We-Vibe Bond C-Ring

This jet black couples ring reminds us of our favorite Mr. Bond, secret agent 007. It’s ultra high-tech, sleek and classic in design, and is comfortable and quiet, allowing the wearer to receive discreet public pleasure by handing over the remote to a lover. Talk about fun foreplay that will get him in the mood! It applies a firm but gentle hug to the base of the penis, allowing for stimulating vibrations for coupled or solo play without being too constricting.

The Bond C-Ring by We-Vibe is a pricier pick in the couples ring department, but well worth the extra dollars for a fully luxurious, sex-tech experience.

This wearable vibrator can be controlled via smart phone app or the included mini remote. Click or swipe through the Bond’s multiple functions to discover 10 vibration settings.

The Bond even unclasps at the bottom so your partner’s penis can get dressed up or dressed down in a snap!

Roq Rechargable Ring

If you’ve never tried a c-ring before, or if you’re in need of something a bit more budget-friendly, the Roq by VeDo is simple & effective luxury in an ultra affordable package.

We love that the Roq features a big, round, and wide nub near the tip to stimulate the entire clitoris, all the way up past the hood. Click through Roq’s 10 vibration patterns and then toss him on the charger when you’re done. It’s waterproof, too, if you’d like to experiment with playing in the bath, shower, or even a hot tub.

And all that for under $50, too!

Svakom Winni Vibrating Ring

In the mid-range luxury category, the Winni Vibrating Ring from the sex-tech innovators at Svakom is an all-around winner, especially if you prefer your sex toy design with a femme feel.

The violet-hued Winni is a c-ring vibrator with a long, round clitoral stimulator that doesn’t miss a single hot spot. A mini remote control, 26 vibration speeds (we know, right?!), and a splash-proof coating puts Winni in the running as one of our must-have couples rings.

Winni works wonders for babes who love grinding on their partner’s penis or a silicone strap-on dong.

Bell Ringer C-Ring

Ready for a c-ring design you’ve definitely never tried? The Bell Ringer C-Ring from Zero Tolerance wraps around the base of the penis and the testicles for a buzzing experience for two.

Partners of testicle stimulation lovers, take note. The Bell Ringer’s unique, double silicone strap flexes to comfortably squeeze his balls and cock, heightening his climax if he’s the type to love having his balls touched.

The Bell Ringer’s clitoral stimulator is rather worth noticing, too. A bullet-style, mini vibrator provides the buzz while a truly funky, artsy – whatever you want to call it – half-moon-shaped row of teeny, tiny ‘tongues’ licks your clit as you bump and grind.

Mack Tuff Ultra Power C-Ring

Balls, budgets, and buzz lovers, get ready. Mack Tuff is deceptively small and inexpensive, but this little couples ring is all about bang for your buck.

On sale for just under $20, the Mack Tuff Ultra Power C-Ring can do it all with less. Mack Tuff’s 7-speed clitoral bullet can be tucked snugly into the c-ring for dual stimulation during sex, or pulled out and used separately as a solo clitoral vibrator.

Mack Tuff’s unique swinging metal ball taps his testicles and your perineum while you both thrust in tandem, offering a little surprise stimulation where you’d both least expect it. It really does have something exciting for everyone!

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