6 Sex Positions For Couples Of Different Heights

by Former author

January 7, 2022


Sex with a massive height difference is extremely challenging. Your body parts don’t match up properly, making penetration complicated, and in some cases, uncomfortable. What can you do when doggy-style just isn’t going to happen without some assistance?  Luckily, Brides.com found several ways around a height discrepancy! Sexy ways. Here are 6 sex positions for couples of different heights. Hopefully you’ll find some, um, common ground.  

1. Bed Stand This take on missionary gives you deep penetration, without your partner dealing with arm strain. Lie on your back and have your partner stand next to the bed. Scoot down so your butt is right at the edge. Have him or her enter you while standing.  You can either wrap your legs around his or her waist, or lie them against their body. Bonus points if you can get your ankles to their shoulders! Do whatever feels comfortable for you. This is kind of the ultimate lazy girl position, wherein you still look super hot.

2. Adjusted 69 This is a take on your tried and true 69, only slightly adjusted for height difference. Instead of climbing on top of your partner to put your goods in his or her face, give each other oral sex on your side, facing each other. Since you’re different heights, this position is easy because your legs won’t get in the way.  This is an easy position that doesn’t involve suffocation, exhaustion, or a lack of orgasms. When you’re different heights, getting up and close and personal with your partner’s downstairs situation is still possible, you just want to be sure their (or your) long legs aren’t smothering you, so lift that superior leg!  

3. Lotus Climb onto your partner’s lap, facing him or her. Have them enter you while seated. You can wrap your arms around their shoulders or neck for support. Rock back and forth for optimal clitoral stimulation.  Again with the legs! This is where most of height different comes into play. Darn, stems. The lotus allows for face-to-face closeness without having to jump and/or climb your partner like a tree.  

4. Counter Games Have an island in the kitchen? A tall table? Make use of these makeshift sex-lifts. Have your partner join you in the kitchen. Have them stand next to the counter while you sit. Allow them to enter you. This is an awesome position for deep thrusting and passionate makeout sessions.  If you partner has a ball sack, be a bit wary. You don’t want them slapping against the base of the counter, which can be painful. Communicate and go slowly.  

5. Flat down doggy-style Doggy style is extremely hot. It gives you all of that amazing, deep penetration you crave combined with animalistic raunchiness. The problem? When your partner is substantially taller than you, this position can be a challenge. Your hips are just too low!  Instead, give the lowdown doggy a go. Lie flat on your stomach and have your partner enter you from behind, resting flat against your body. He or she can even bite the back of your neck and shoulders. This position gets you everything doggy-style has to offer, without penetration at an uncomfortable (and painful) angle.  

6. The Sexy Crab Missionary is great and everything, but it lacks a certain sex appeal. It’s kind of the go-to when you’re different heights, but it doesn’t have to be … well, not exactly.  Try the sexy crab. Lie on your back with your legs spread and knees bent, almost as if you’re in Happy Baby. Have your partner lie perpendicular to you and enter you from underneath. You can drape your legs over their side for comfort. He or she will have access to your clitoris as well as reachable distance to your nipples.  

Up the ante by skipping the pillows and investing in a lifted cushion designed for sex. Try the Liberator. It is a booster that is made for getting freaky. Sex accessories are hot AF.  Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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