Sexy, Fun, and Safe: Valentine’s Day, Covid-style

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


This time last year, you were probably looking forward to a weekend out at your favorite fancy restaurant or an evening at that new cocktail joint down the street. Ah, life before Covid seems like a film-noir romance compared to ‘the new normal!’

Covid has ruined just about, well, everything, but come hell or high water, us head-over-heels romantic types aren’t going down without a fight.  

While this Valentine’s Day might not be ideal, we still think you can make the best of it with the budget you’d normally set aside for a big date night. If you’re stumped for ideas after spending the last year indoors, let us do the thinking so you can do all the, uh, sex-ing.

Check out these inside-the-box activity ideas for a V-Day that skips infection risks in lieu of safer-at-home sexy time.

Stay Inside for an Adults-Only “Picnic”

While it’s probably safe to head out to a local park for a traditional (and socially distanced) picnic, we think you can cook up more fun indoors!

Make you or your partner the main course with the Bedspreaders Sensory Experience Set, a no-holds-barred kit filled with everything you need to delight in all five, sensual senses.

Tie up your partner, gently blindfold them, and then feed them an array of sexy edibles, like strawberries, cherries or blueberries. When they’re ready to turn up the heat, reach for the feather nipple clamps or the Wartenberg pinwheel to take this naked picnic to the next level.

If it’s cheap thrills you’re after, the Fifty Ways To Tease Your Lover game is a fun BDSM sex game for couples that’ll tickle all your fancies (without poking too hard at your wallet!).

Play Grown-Up Dress-Up

C’mon, when was the last time you dug through your closet and nabbed something luxurious, glamorous, or just plain fun to wear, just for the hell of it?

Today is the day to role play all your fantasies, like kinky nurse, naughty cop, or Hogwarts Wizard School drop-out.  Or just put on your finest party dress and bring the party to your bedroom!

Let’s face it, you’ll likely be indoors for the majority of V-Day 2021, so there’s no excuse not to break out your wildest outfits and just have fun with it. If you’re stuck long distance from your lover, we’ve even got a few that’ll still pass the Skype screen test – as long as you keep your web cam above your waist!

Skip the Steak, Keep the Sex

Since when has a giant hunk of restaurant steak and a side of under-cooked potatoes contributed to a night of rambunctious sex anyway? We’re pretty sure the answer is never. Filling your belly to the brim is a good way to find yourself passed out on the couch.

Instead, open up a box of something tasty (other than a giant pizza), like the Naughty Geisha kit by Shunga or Pure Heart Massage Collection by Kama Sutra and make your partner an erotic entree.  

We love a good gourmet meal, but this year, we’re fine with saving the over-sized dinner for another night if you want the energy to please and tease long into the evening. For true blue, tradition-loving foodies, however, cook dinner early and choose something light. You can always scarf down a sandwich after sex!

Splurge on Sex Toys

Speaking of sex, when isn’t there a good time to blow all your dough on luxury pleasure products? (Right before your rent is due is probably a reasonable answer, but whatever, it’s only the 14th.)

Since you’ll be saving money by skipping that $300 steak & wine and box of drugstore chocolates, put that moolah to better use with a new toy. We love high-quality picks that work for all gender pairings, like the Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager or the Stronic G vibe by Fun Factory, which also does wonders for pleasing external parts or for P-spot anal stimulation. The Elegance Flex Double-Ended Vibrator makes for an exotic, creative plaything that you can, frankly, stick just about anywhere you choose.

Play Role-Reversal for a Day

However your home life looks on an average day, V-Day is the perfect chance to change things up a bit!

If you’re usually on the receiving end of the bouquet, now it’s your turn to surprise your partner with flowers (and by ‘flowers’, we mean the kind that lay sexily across your curves). Cooking enthusiasts, take a back seat in the kitchen while your S.O. whips up something tasty – while wearing something as spicy as your favorite dish. And if you’re the one who hos somehow wound up with an overstuffed drawer of sex toys (hello, ladies!), grab a new pleasure piece just for your male partner.

Buy That Big-Ticket Playtime Goody You’ve Been Eyeing

The best way to stick it to Covid in 2021 is to stay home and nab a big, extravagant sex toy purchase online!  You’re not spending money on having a social life in public anymore, so why not?

This is the time to justify investing in your bedroom pleasure collection with something really special, like the Fantasy Bondage Swing, which can help pose you into all those Kama Sutra-worthy wild sex positions. Partners with a penis will drown in pleasure from the spinning and whirling of the Apollo Alpha Stroker 2. And for just about anyone who loves vibrations, the Wand by We-Vibe is packed with super strength in an easily maneuverable package.

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