Warm Up Your Winter

by Erica G.

November 1, 2021


Well, Valentine’s Day is over!  Whether you love it or hate it, you made it!  Hopefully you received the attention and gratitude that you deserve from the one you love! So the question is, now what?  There’s still a loooong cold winter ahead; maybe you should focus a bit on YOU and your pleasure to make it through!  If you missed out on getting some fun toys for the 14th, check out what we recommend to get your sex life out of the deep freeze.

Get in Sex Shape

Already ditched your new year’s resolution to get in better shape? Feeling guilty and want to give it another try? Instead of turning part of your house or garage into a home gym, why not do some exercise that will lead to benefits in the bedroom!  Work out your pelvic floor with kegel exercises! Your pelvic floor is part of the core muscles which support the bladder, bowel, and uterus in women. Signs of a weak floor could be as obvious as incontinence (leaky bladder), or as discreet as less genital sensitivity or natural vaginal lubrication. There are multiple reasons why your pelvic floor could become weak as you age, but to keep your core in prime shape (and to have some orgasms while doing it), check out the Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls from We-Vibe.  The Bloom offers vibrating balls that you can squeeze once they are inserted into your vagina to work out your pelvic floor muscles. There are different weighted balls to increase strength over time.  Working out with this fun and unique toy can potentially relieve any painful tension related to penetration, as well as increase blood flow and natural lubrication to your genitals. As an added bonus, the Bloom also vibrates to make ‘exercise’ even more fun! Top it off with a unique app to control the Bloom with your phone and you have a workout that you’ll look forward to, with O-mazing results!

Keep it Real(-ish)

Sex on demand – when you want it, how you want it…wouldn’t that be nice? When you’re in a pinch and need a penis that pleases, check out the Colours Silicone Dong with Suction Cup from NS Novelties. This realistic toy features the shape and contours of a real penis with balls.  It’s got a solid, slightly curved shaft that is ready to ride. The squishy body safe silicone outside feels quite realistic while delivering firm pressure to your g-spot. Plus, if you really need to work out some sexual frustration, the sturdy suction cup base allows you to stick it to a shower wall or any smooth surface and thrust away.

Magical Orgasms

I can remember playing at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid and coming across a white mini baseball bat in one of the bedrooms.  But why did it have an electric cord attached??  When I asked what it was for, turns out it was a massager because grandma had a bad back.  Yeah, right! Even grandma knew the magical powers of the Hitachi Magic Wand, and if you haven’t tried it for yourself, you’re missing out! One of the original high powered “personal massagers”, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been doling out incredible orgasms for over 50 years. They have improved on the original version a bit, offering up a wireless version with some of the strongest vibrations around. Learn something from the older generation and give the Magic Wand a try – just try to hide it better than grandma did!

If you need some tips of tricks to try with your new Magic Wand, fly your broom over here for the skinny.  

A Deal for Two

If you or your partner are hesitant about using sex toys, and want to test the waters with something inexpensive, why not try a vibrating couple’s ring to increase the pleasure in your next one-on-one encounter? The Drive Vibrating Couples Ring from Vedo is a silicone vibrating cock ring that keeps erections strong while adding vibration to your lovemaking. With a push of a button you can feel the vibrations of the curvy tip designed to nuzzle up to the clitoris while having sex. It’s a great way to ease into finding out if c-rings and couple’s toys that vibrate are right for you, plus its under $20, so if you decide it’s not for you, no huge loss, and on to the next fun experiment!

Lube Up!

Choosing the right lube to pair with your sex toys can feel overwhelming.  If your head hurts just looking at all the different options, there’s one simple thing to remember – water-based lubes are safe for all types of toy material. Using it may mean applying a bit more often to keep the friction down, but it won’t degrade or damage the toy you are using, whether it’s silicone, jelly, glass, or steel. Plus, keeping lube on hand for sex is always a great idea.  An easy choice that works extremely well for sex or with toys is Toko Organica, the much-loved water based lube from Shunga. Made from vegetable glycerin, this lube is as close as you can get to a woman’s natural secretions, plus it leaves minimal residue and cleans up easily with warm water and mild soap.

Trying new things doesn’t always mean venturing out into the cold unknown. Warm up this winter by adding some of these “tried & true, but new to you” products into your sex life, and watch the magic happen.  It’s the perfect excuse to stay inside and play!

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