True Love’s Gifts: Luxe Lingerie & More

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is almost here!  While some may loathe this particular holiday, it’s great because it serves, at the very least, as a reminder to rekindle the romance in your relationship.  If you think V-day is played out, it might just be your gifting game that needs an upgrade.  Flowers wilt and no one needs that much chocolate.  It’s time to celebrate your unique partner and the special love you share.  Read on for some surprising and sexy gift ideas and imaginative date night activities that will have you and your skeptical sweetie loving love all over again!    

No one knows your partner’s personality better than you, so skim the options below to find the best description of them.  Based on that, we’ve got some Valentine’s Day gift recommendations (for guys and gals) and activity ideas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day a happy and memorable one for both of you!  

Fun-loving Flirt

You two are together because of your mutual love of FUN!  You’ve never lost that child-like sense of play and imagination, and that means your love life will always stay full of laughter and creativity.  Show the lucky lady in your life that you can’t wait to play with her with the gift of a frilly and flirtatious Ruffle Top Babydoll, or help him slay the night in his Check’d Mate Thong.  Since you’re always ready for a party or playtime, you’ll both enjoy experimenting with the gift of pheromone perfumes or colognes for him or for her…even if you’re not looking to pick up someone new.  They’ll up your sexual confidence and keep you frisky for each other well into your ridiculously playful pillow fight, naughty Nerf gun battle, or sexy V-day Game Night…winner takes (it) all (off)!    

Extra & Elegant

The embodiment of “go big or go home”, these lovers like to make sure everything is extra all the time.  They’ve probably been dreaming about the perfect candlelight dinner they desire, and the night of seductive dancing you’re going to enjoy together (even if it’s just the two of you in your living room) for weeks now…so you better bring your A-game to please their perfectionist streak.  Help them show off what a Bombshell they are in this dress, suitable for a night on the town or in the bedroom.  A luxurious and sparkly new toy like the All That Glimmers Petite Wand will make for a night of fabulous pleasure.  For the Guys that like to go over-the-top, too, there’s the Strapped and Tapped Heating Prostate C-ring, and the Zip It Men’s Brief, with an extra sexy access point!  Cook each other’s favorite dinnertime treats, light those candles, pour the champagne, and enjoy an elegant evening of celebrating your love.      

Comfy Casual Chic

This is your girl- or guy-next-door type of love…you know, the type everyone secretly dreams about?  Lucky you if you’ve found it!  Keep your lover close and remind them of how much you care with a gift of comfy but oh-so-sexy lingerie like the Jasmina Cami Set.  Help him look sexy in satin, too, with these comfy classic drawstring pants.  If your lover is this personality type, all they’re really looking forward to about Valentine’s Day is getting to be close to you.  Relax at home together with a casual dinner (maybe heart-shaped pizzas?) and a movie night, complete with your favorite snacks, then turn your bedroom into a spa retreat and gift them an amazing sensual massage with the Touch of Romance collection.  It will be a sweet and romantic finish to a night of quality time together, and will make for a Valentine’s Day as perfect as your love.  

Cupid Herself (or Himself)

Hearts, flowers, chocolates, romance books and movies…they love it all!  Love is in the air whenever you’re around these types, and it’s kind of an all-the-the time thing for them, so Valentine’s Day is an extra-special day for them to embrace it!  Treat them to their favorite special date night…tradition is big, so hopefully you two have a standing plan by now, whether it’s dinner and a movie or a weekend in bed together rekindling your magical romance, complete with rose petals!  You’ll melt for each other all over again in the glow of a heart-shaped massage oil candle.  Gift each other the best pink or red romantic lingerie you can find, like the Lace Up Heart Jacquard Bustier, or the Sweet Temptation Teddy.  Encourage him to show off his best ass-ets in the Liquid Metal Low-Rise Thong in racy red.  If you both just embrace your love of the mushy stuff (even if you have to pretend a little, just for today), you’re guaranteed to have a very Happy Heart Day!

Dark & Dominant Date

Even if your partner’s personality is the antithesis of everything Valentine’s Day, they might still like a reminder that you are thinking of them…just not in the form of a pink teddy bear holding a red heart!  You won’t be able to take your eyes (or your hands) off of your partner if they don the Wet Look and Sheer Cup Teddy, especially if you pair it with some pasties that appeal to their favorite dark & spooky things…like bats!  If your man is the dark and brooding dude, encourage him to put on a sexy show for you with the soft lambskin Real Leather Pouch and a hot leather harness.  Once the gifts have been exchanged and you’re both dressed, head off to your dungeo…er…bedroom, for some erotic BDSM playtime.  Pick up some gear for the dominant dude or diva, or even turn up the heat with some wax play (don’t forget the special candles!), and you’ll have an unforgettable evening of dark delights with your foxy fetish king or queen.  Love slaps differently when you want it to! 😉      

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