A Guide to Stranger Role Play

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


The thrill of the chase need not ever be completely satisfied with this seductive stranger role playing scenario. Remind him why he pursued you and have him try it all over again. The Set Up You have an evening of fun planned for him, and he has no idea what to expect. Stranger in a Bar Find a restaurant and bar on the other side of town where you can play freely. Ask him to meet you there, and tell him you have a surprise. Leave him wondering just a little. Your next step is to become the temptress that he never expected and that he can’t resist. The Pursuit He will arrive, unsuspecting, and no doubt struggle to contain his excitement as he walks over to you. Here’s the fun: When he says hello, pretend you don’t know him. Feign a puzzled look and introduce yourself. Coax him into the role. Compliment him and suggest he buy you a drink if he wants to talk. You can adopt any number of roles. You can be the hard-to-get woman that makes him lust… and work for it. Pretend you aren’t really interested. He has to impress you to keep your attention. You can be the flirt. You are clearly digging him, and he knows it. Either way, you’ve got the stuff he wants, and he has to pursue you if he wants to get it. Now his hard work begins to pay off as you warm up and begin flirting shamelessly. Lightly touch as you talk, lean into him, and cozy up a bit close. Nibble on his neck to make him squirm. Pull up your skirt a bit to let him peek at your stockings and garters. Use the moves that lured him in the first place. Drive the sexual tension and lust off the meter. The Getaway More than a few patrons will notice your seduction, as they think they are watching something real unfold. Make him the envy of the room as he seduces the most incredible woman in his eyes. Next, begin purring about going back to his place but stay in character all the way home. Back at “his place” turn up the seduction full throttle. You are slowly undressing, revealing the sexy teddy you’ve had waiting. This is the final act of seduction as you lure him back to the bedroom. You are both getting lucky tonight!

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