Give Your Relationship a Workout

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


One of the most frequent resolutions we make every January is “to exercise more!” (Of course, one of the resolutions we then abandon first is “to exercise more!”) A little further down the list of resolutions we tend to make and then abandon is to regularly schedule “together time”.  Maybe the answer is to combine the two.

We all know the importance and benefits of both working out and maintaining regular date nights, so why not try exercise dates? Most fitness professionals will agree it’s easier to stick to an exercise program if you have a partner to encourage you or hold you accountable. Who better to be your exercise partner than your life partner?  If your partner is a slow starter or hesitant to try, lure him in. Show him how sexy working out can be with a a sexy little workout of your own. Once his heart starts pumping a little from watching you, it shouldn’t be too hard to have him join in.  

Once you have him hooked, look for something you will both enjoy. For instance, on your next date night, before you retreat to a dark corner of a restaurant sipping wine and munching on appetizers, go for a walk or a bike ride. Both offer the important opportunity to spend time together. As an added benefit, you will be getting in better shape while having a little uninterrupted and intimate adrenaline raising conversation.  

For some really heart pumping workouts, set up your own home gym rather inexpensively with a basic set of free weights. Lifting weights is a great workout and bonding activity. “Spot” each other during various multiple sets of exercises. Be each other’s really “personal” trainer. Come on, we know how that movie plays out.

If you’re looking for something even sexier, you must try yoga. It is a proven fact that yoga is one of the best exercises for sexual fitness. The stretching loosens you up, makes you more limber & flexible, and the breathing exercises will open your lungs, bring more oxygen to your blood stream, and make your love making so much more intense! For an extra enticement for him to join you, choose a special yoga outfit – or lack thereof – and some provocative poses such as frog and wheel. There are many yoga poses meant for couples that will have you in close intimate contact as you stretch. What could be better than that? Simultaneous stress relief, relaxation, and excitement – wow!  

One more thing sure to get you breathing heavy are the sex positions found in the Kama Sutra! Your yoga practice will help your flexibility and control, so getting into new, sexier positions will be easier than ever.  If you take the first step and try, the benefits are amazing. Look better, feel better, encourage each other, and when you’re done, hit the shower together and get sexy and steamy. Whatever exercise you choose, chances are spending time together, physically and mentally, will quickly have you getting sweaty in more intimate ways.

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