How to Talk Dirty: The 10 Hottest Things to Say In Bed

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Add some erotic fun to your next love romp with a few steamy phrases that will drive your partner wild with passion.

Want to spice up an old bedroom routine or start a new sexual relationship off of the right foot? Captivate your partner with an aural teaser that lets them know exactly how great things are. Do it just right and you’ll be rewarded well by an extremely turned-on partner. To make the most of these phrases, there a few tips to keep in mind.

First, be genuine. Nothing kills the mood faster then feeling like your partner isn’t enjoying themselves. It’s even more harmful if they discover you’re faking things. When in doubt, just keep it simple and say what feels most natural.

Second, be flattering. Everyone loves to feel good about themselves and wants to know they do something well. Whenever you can, try to make sure you’re letting them know what they do well or what parts of their body you especially love. Lastly, be confident. The best lovers are the ones who you feel completely at ease with. Sexual confidence inspires trust between partners and creates a deeper level of sensual connection. Use these phrases as a way to boost each others’ confidence while turning them on.

The List


These phrases can be used at any point in your lovemaking, but are more suited to warming up:

I want you.

Want to get them excited in a jiffy? Use this phrase and see how long it takes to get things going!

Let’s try something new…

When things have been feeling a little routine, try this phrase out. It works even better when you have something specific in mind to try.

I want to kiss/touch every inch of you.

Use kiss when you’re dealing with a woman and use touch when dealing with a man. Obviously, you can use both phrases with either sex, however, men and women respond differently to certain words.

I’m gonna drive you wild all night.

If you want to instantly turn on your partner, use this phrase. It lets them know that pleasure is the theme for the evening and that they are the main course on the menu.

The Main Event

These phrases are perfect to say when you’re in the act of lovemaking:

I love the way you taste

This phrase is especially potent when used before, during or after oral sex.

I love it when you [insert phrase here].

Use this phrase if you want to guide your partner into doing the things you love the most.

You’re so good at [insert phrase here].

Nothing boosts confidence like as letting them know how well they rank in sexual prowess.

This is something I’ve always fantasized about.

Part of feeling like a sexual god or goddess is knowing that you’re creating the ultimate experience for your partner. Discovering that you’ve just enabled a secret fantasy creates a very intimate bond and memory between partners.

There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now.

This lets your partner know that being with them is the cat’s meow. You’ll also be cementing feelings of trust and true intimacy with this phrase.


Keep the passion going all night with these phrases:

That was the most amazing [insert phrase here].

Let them strut their stuff with the knowledge that you have been well satiated.

Can we do that again?

Get ready for round two! Follow this phrase up with a little foreplay action for the best effect.

Bonus Tip:

I love you

If you are at the stage in your relationship where I love you is a common phrase, nothing creates a more fulfilled experience than using these three little words. Want to take your aural play to the next level? Try a reading a book together or playing a couple’s game to help set the mood!

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