Strike a Pose: Bringing Boudoir Photography Into Your Life

by Christopher J.

February 6, 2023


Knowing that having sexy, sensual boudoir or nude photos taken is often a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, I recently reached out to a couple of professional boudoir photography studios. I was looking for their honest and informed answers to a few of the most common questions and concerns people have before booking a boudoir photo shoot.

One studio got so excited by the idea of an interview about boudoir photography that they kindly created their own blog post using my interview questions. You can check out their responses here at “Demi Girl Photography’s Recent Interview with Lover’s Lane (FAQ’s).”

So that we could present a couple of different perspectives, I also gave my questions to Cleveland photographer, a boudoir image specialist, Andrea Witt. Below are her responses:

1) Among couples, how popular are boudoir photos as Valentine’s Day gifts? Have you seen that popularity grow in the last few years?

I love this question because I think most people might assume that Valentine’s day is the perfect, and maybe ONLY holiday that justifies a sexy gift like the gift of Boudoir – and while it is one of the occasions my client’s celebrate for a couple’s Boudoir shoot, I wouldn’t say it’s growing in popularity. What has grown in popularity with my clients is coming in just because!

I love that because there really is no wrong time to do something like this. My clients are realizing more and more that just doing something like this with or for their partner can SIGNIFICANTLY improve and enhance their connection.

2) Who do you recommend should get boudoir/nude photos taken?

Anyone who is even remotely intrigued by the idea HAS to get it checked off their bucket list. The best part of my job is that, as an experienced photographer, I know exactly how to guide you and make you comfortable in front of my camera. All you have to do is show up and follow my guidance, and I get to show you a version of yourself that you don’t get to see when you look in the mirror.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients shed tears when they get to see their final images – happy tears of course! Life is tough, ya know? We go through things, our bodies change, society convinces us that we’re supposed to be frozen in time – it’s not “socially acceptable” to show signs of aging or have bodies with imperfections. But when they get to see themselves from my perspective, they realize they have been a work of art in their own way this whole time…and once you see that, you can’t unsee it. It can be a very transformative experience.

3) Why is boudoir photography empowering?

In my studio, my clients feel like they finally have a safe space where they can be who they are or even explore who they want to be with absolutely zero judgment. I’m an extremely open-minded individual and like to hold space for all humans, all preferences, and all interests. My goal for my clients is to meet them where they are with why they are in my studio, and give them a day where they can just feel exceptional and take that mask off they feel so compelled to wear everyday. They get to reconnect with a side of themselves they thought was lost or maybe hasn’t been accepted by those around them and they don’t have to pretend to be someone they aren’t.

4) What are the most common concerns that you hear from people having their first boudoir photography session?

Most commonly, clients are concerned that they “don’t know how to be sexy” or “they don’t have a supermodel figure.” We can be so critical of ourselves! I like to create a safe space for my clients. If there ever was a place that it was okay to toot your own horn baby, it’s here with me!

Because we’re truly brainwashed to believe that we aren’t allowed to openly talk about how good we look or to declare our love for our bodies and sex appeal – because according to society that’s “self-centered and distasteful.” It’s my job to let my clients know those rules don’t apply here; part of our experience together is letting you test out how good it feels to give yourself compliments and be satisfied with your body as it is right now in all it’s non-model-figure glory. (Shocker, I know!)

5) What should individuals or couples do to get ready for a boudoir photo shoot?

I’m a big believer in mind over matter. I usually suggest for my clients to go down their favorite self-care routine – get your hair done, manicure/pedicure, shave/wax, go have a spa day or a facial, etc. But it’s not just for the physical appearance benefits, it’s to help make the nervousness less intense because when you do your favorite self-care routines – you feel better. You feel confident. If you show up to your photo shoot feeling like the best version of you, you’re headed in the right direction for a great experience, and you can let your photographer do their thing and capture the magic!

Don’t skip out on the mental prep either. Do some yoga, read your favorite book, drink lots of water, get good sleep, and let go of the worry. The best way you can show up to your photo shoot is with an open mind and being willing to let go of the control of the outcome. Enjoy your experience and trust your photographer to take great care of you.

6) Is there anything else that people should know when considering boudoir photography?

I’m a big advocate for doing your research on photographers available to you before you book with one. As much as I would LOVE to be their photographer, it’s important that they know they have options and there’s an incredible amount of talent out there. As artists, we all have our own unique style – not just with editing but also things like posing, studio setups, what all is included in their photo shoot experience.

You have to decide what you’re envisioning for YOU. What speaks to YOU. Interview each of your options; you want to at least get on the phone with each candidate (if not in person) to get a feel for who they are, how you mesh together and how the interaction makes you feel. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in their presence, your experience is not going to be what it deserves! Remember, you deserve to feel like the center of the universe for one day. Don’t ever deny yourself that kind of investment! XoXo

As you can see from the common themes between the answers from Demi Girl Studios and Andrea Witt, bringing boudoir photography into your life is easier than you may think! It really is for anyone who wants to try it, and good for any time of the year! You don’t have to have supermodel looks, be a certain size, or have a partner to gift the photos to…it makes a great gift to yourself! Do your homework to find a studio near you that gels well with your desires, and check out Lover’s Lane to stock up on some looks that make you feel sexy. Then book that photo shoot, for you or as a gift. It may just improve your sex life, your self-image, or all that and more!

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