I Love ME! A Love to Love Brand Spotlight

by Colleen G.

February 5, 2023


…or perhaps this little self-love centered brand spotlight should be called “J’aime moi-même” instead! Is it any surprise that one of our favorite trendy, versatile, and pleasure-enhancing sex toy collections was created in France?

Love to Love is a brand of vibrators and couples toys that combines the best of sex-tech with affordable, user-friendly designs. Founded by French sex toy manufacturer Lovely Planet, the Love to Love line doesn’t skimp on all the details we demand from a modern vibrator, like rechargeability, waterproof exteriors, and superior engineering.

Whether you’re totally new to the vibe market or can feel your way around a vibrator in the dark, Love to Love’s designs will win you over with their budget-conscious innovation.

We’ve gathered up a few of our top-selling toys from this French company that will have you screaming, “Oooh la la, oui oui!”

Love To Love Swap Tapping Vibrator

If you’re a sex toy collector like us at Lover’s Lane, you’ve already tried vibrations, oscillations, and suction power. Ready for something new in the stim department?

Change things up with the Love to Love Swap, an aptly named pleasure device that taps your clitoris or G-spot at the toy’s tip. Insert the slender, silicone Swap into your vagina or press the toy’s rounded end against your clit. The Swap performs 10 tap-dancing speeds and vibrates with 2 additional motors and 10 buzzing functions in the toy’s shaft.

When inserted, the Swap taps the G-spot while vibrating the labia and lower portion of the vagina. When used externally, Swap taps the clit while vibrating against the lower part of your pubic bone, or flip the toy around to tap the clitoris and buzz the labia lips. Is there anything Swap can’t do?

Love To Love Dildolls Nightfall Dildo

Leave it to the French to turn a silicone dong into a work of shimmering art!

The Love to Love Dildolls Nightfall Dildo is as gorgeous as it is pleasurable and body-safe. Compatible with strap-on harnesses and even safe for anal play with its flared base, the Nightfall Dildo is flexible, smooth, and a comfortable size to accommodate all levels of insertion expertise.

Crafted in light blue silicone with a sprinkling of star-shaped glitter, you’ll be tempted to show off this stunning sex toy to your girl friends on ladies’ night instead of hiding it away in your underwear drawer.

Love To Love R-Evolution Wand With Attachments

We love a vibrating wand that’s the whole package: small to hold, but still hella powerful; super versatile for internal and external pleasures; and free of cumbersome cords like the old-school models.

Enter the Love To Love R-Evolution Wand, a vibrator that seamlessly transitions from glorious G-spotter to clitoral queen with a quick change of costume. R-Evolution vibrates with 16 unique modes, flexes a full 360 degrees at the toy’s neck, and can swap stimulator heads in seconds.

The R-Evolution wand includes 2 add-on attachments for 3-in-1 play, including its original, smooth head, a rabbit ear-shaped clitoral and labia tickler, and a gently textured and curved G-spot shaft.

Love To Love Bunny & Clyde Tapping Rabbit

Craving a little bit of everything at once? Get yourself a rabbit-style vibe that multitasks like a champ!

Love to Love’s Bunny & Clyde Tapping Rabbit showers your clitoris with 10 waves of vibrations while the shaft’s G-spot tapper sends 10 levels of shivers through your insides.

The Bunny & Clyde has a super flexible neck, so you can angle it just right to cover your clit and angle upwards towards your G. But wait, there’s more, and it’s pretty amazing.

Bunny & Clyde features 2 tapping motors at its tip – one facing upwards and one facing downwards – meaning you’ll feel this rabbit thumping from both sides.

Love To Love Secret Box Toy Storage

Ok ladies, be honest now. Where are you stocking that giant collection of vibrators and sex goodies? In an overflowing, bedside drawer or stuffed god-knows-where in the closet?

Treat your favorite pleasure tools to a classier storage space with the Love to Love Secret Box. Covered in faux velvet and lined in satin, the Secret Box can be locked with the included coded padlock.

The Secret Box features a small, satin pocket for holding small lubes, condoms, batteries and other tiny sex accessories. The box’s main chamber is lengthy enough to store your dildos and vibes together.

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