Rabbit Toys to Make Your Vagina Hoppy

Rabbit vibrators. Dual stim vibes. The ol’ clit-and-vagina combo. Call them whatever you like, because blending orgasms with a sex toy that brings the vulva, vagina, and G-spot into perfect harmony are a beautiful thing. Though most dual stimulation toys aren’t shaped like bunny rabbits anymore, the classic 90s name stuck around while this toy […]

Closing the Masturbation Gap

We wanted to close out Masturbation May by talking about closing the masturbation gap. “The WHAT?”, you may say. The masturbation gap is a term coined to refer to the fairly great difference between the number of men that masturbate regularly (hint: it’s most of them) and the number of women who do the same. […]

Worship Your V (-Day)

Ah, Valentine’s Day…pretty nice if you’re happily coupled, kind of ‘meh’ if you’re not.  We have some great masturbation tips, though, that all women can use today and all year long, regardless of relationship status.  All the single ladies (and all the partnered ones, too)…get comfy and prepare to make today all about YOU, because […]

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