Rabbit Toys to Make Your Vagina Hoppy

by Colleen G.

April 6, 2023


Rabbit vibrators. Dual stim vibes. The ol’ clit-and-vagina combo. Call them whatever you like, because blending orgasms with a sex toy that brings the vulva, vagina, and G-spot into perfect harmony are a beautiful thing.

Though most dual stimulation toys aren’t shaped like bunny rabbits anymore, the classic 90s name stuck around while this toy category gradually evolved and morphed into one of our Lover’s Lane customer favorites.

A rabbit-style sex toy literally does it all these days: provide vibration or suction for your clitoris, rumble your G-spot and vaginal canal with their vibrating, bulbous shafts, and some even tap that booty with an extra ‘tail’ on the back.

We’ve put together an eclectic list of rabbit-style, dual stimulation vibrators that aim to please, no matter your shape, size, or stim preferences.

Le Wand XO Double Motor Vibrator

If you’re new to rabbit-style, dual stimulation vibrators, or you’d simply prefer something with less length and girth than what’s standard for most bunny vibes, the Le Wand XO Double Motor Vibrator is a great place to begin.

Le Wand’s take re-invents an old favorite by adding dual motors – one in the clitoral stimulator, of course, and now one more motor in the insertable part, too – and lots of flexibility in the shaft.

The Le Wand XO amps up the experience with a whopping 15 vibration modes and 6 intensity levels, and it’s splash-proof (which means you can take it in the shower, but not submerge it under water in the bath tub) and rechargeable.

California Dreaming L.A. Love

Want to ride a true, classic rabbit vibe that’ll take your solo sex straight back to the 90s? The California Dreaming L.A. Love has all the makings of an OG ‘rabbit habit’ toy, but with a dreamy modern twist.

The L.A. Love’s shaft is reminiscent of traditional rabbit-style sex toys. Its long, hard, and covered in gentle, wave-like textures with a bulbous head for G-spot stim.

But here’s where the L.A. Love is nothing like a typical rabbit vibe. Instead of a vibrating clitoral arm, it’s got an air-pulse suction device to hover over your vulva, and the shaft vibrates and thrusts.

Suki Plus Rechargeable Dual Sonic Vibe

Speaking of air suction, if your blended orgasms often include penetration and air-pulse clitoral stimulation, the Suki Plus Rechargeable Dual Sonic Vibe was made just for you.

Though not really shaped like a traditional ‘rabbit’ vibrator, the Suki Plus still does its thing, and does it beautifully. Because of its unique U-shape, you can even wear it and enjoy hands-free orgasms while using your fingers for something more, uh, useful (like touching your partner or surfing for porn).

The Suki Plus sucks (yes, literally) with 6 suction modes and the internal arm vibrates with 10 vibration modes.

Beaded Double Penetrator Rabbit

Are you little rabbits ready to get freaky? The Beaded Double Penetrator Rabbit is a triple threat of clit, vag, and booty rumbles all in one bright, pink package.

This not-so-little rabbit features a thick shaft with a large G-spot head and rows of spinning beads in the shaft to please the entire length of your V. The clitoral vibrator features the classic rabbit head shape with fluttering ears and tiny ticklers that rub against your external pleasure parts.

Last, but oh boy, certainly not least, this bun-bun features a slim, beaded ‘tail’ that slides comfortably up your b-hole.

Each of the 3 stimulators have their own, independent motors and all of them buzz, rumble, and twirl with multiple functions. This baddie will definitely get your orgasms hopping!

Tremble Please

If you’ve just browsed this entire list and are thinking, “yeah, there’s no WAY I’m putting anything in my butt, or fitting that thing up my vagina” we’ve got the perfect rabbit for small kitties.

The Tremble Please is THE best rabbit-style vibrator for babes who aren’t really into deep penetration (or much penetration at all) and prefer their stimulation in the form of some good ol’ classic vibrations.

Tremble Please is basically the bullet vibe of dual stimulators. It has a teeny, tiny rabbit vibe for your clit and a barely-there shaft that’ll grace the sensitive exterior of your vagina. It’s got 10 modes of vibration and can even be used like a bullet vibe without putting it inside yourself at all if you don’t want to.

Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro

We saved the best for last this time, but you better be ready for the most intense orgasms of your life.

The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro is, quite possibly, the craziest-looking dual-stim vibe we’ve ever seen. And now that we think about it, this crazy f*cker is more like quadruple stim.

The super flexible G-spot stimulator brings the vibes inside with 10 vibration modes, but really, the party’s happening upstairs.

The Ultimate Pleasure Pro first suctions over your entire vulva. You can even switch up the suction with its 3 different modes. Then the tiny tongue flicks back and forth over your vulva while vibrating at the same time in any of the 8 different modes you choose.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya about this one! You’re not going to believe the sex toy industry waited this long to deliver something this incredible…but you’ll be glad they finally did!

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