The Hottest Touch Points on Your Lover’s Body

Studying foreplay and the optimal ways to activate your lover’s favorite hot spots that you can touch to stimulate pleasure is an ongoing and most worthwhile pursuit for couples. These touch points usually include your partner’s mouth, nipples, breasts, derrieres, or their genitals. But there are many that you might not have thought about or […]

Heat Up Your Holiday with Sensation Play

If we had to guess, we’re pretty sure you not only don’t worry about Santa putting your name on his “Naughty List”, but you probably aspire to be at the top of that list. To which we say, Ho Ho Ho! One sure method to work your way to the top of the Naughty Elf […]

Play Ball(s)! Tips to Tantalize his Testicles

I vaguely remember some penis joke from years ago that went something like, “I live next door to an asshole, and my two best friends are nuts!”  Maybe this was a meta-narrative about the lack of psychological help in this country, or maybe it was just a silly punchline that included a shout out to […]

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