Play Ball(s)! Tips to Tantalize his Testicles

by Erica G.

October 21, 2021


I vaguely remember some penis joke from years ago that went something like, “I live next door to an asshole, and my two best friends are nuts!”  Maybe this was a meta-narrative about the lack of psychological help in this country, or maybe it was just a silly punchline that included a shout out to those oft-forgotten testicles. Either way, its about time that the balls get a little more love! Today, we’re gonna get our hands on those balls (literally) and learn some exciting ways to stimulate anyone who happens to have a pair!

Before I dive into ball play tips and you try and utilize them, be sure to check with your partner if they enjoy extra attention to the testicles. While the balls are a common erogenous zone for many men, some guys might be a bit too sensitive to want any extra stimulation during sex. Others may be open to some hardcore slapping or crushing! (both of these are real fetishes). Most will probably fall somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum, or some have tried it and just plain old don’t like it. That’s okay, too…you just get to go on a little scavenger hunt to find some other sensitive bits to seduce!

Forgotten Friends

Poor balls…just hanging around, usually ignored. Did you know that the scrotum has nearly the same amount of nerve endings as a woman’s vulva? Those sensitive nerves are there just waiting to be tickled, massaged, and played with!

The easiest way to start is to use your hands! Start gently with light caresses on all the surfaces of the scrotum. If you have fingernails, try lightly, lightly scratching the balls. Try transforming this into a ball massage: cup them, tap them, and make them undulate by raising and lowering your fingers…kind of like you’d roll those Chinese stress balls (pictured below) around in your hand. Start slowly and see what kind of responses you get with each sensation. Once you find the right moves that your partners loves, add them to the mix! All this extra stimulation will be appreciated; it might even lead to harder erections, and stronger ejaculation!

Level up that BJ

Ok, we know there’s no such thing as an ordinary blowjob, but to make one extra memorable, don’t forget to pay some attention to those balls….with your mouth.  

Keeping the friction down is important for a BJ, and when you include the balls, that means you need lube for them as well! Flavored lubes can come in handy if giving head isn’t your favorite; at least you can find a flavor that helps enhance the deed. Plus, working your hands and mouth at the same time is much easier when you lube up the shaft and balls together. Mix it up! Move your mouth from the penis to the testicles, swirl them with your tongue, maybe suck on them…then you can head back to giving head. Again, in the heat of the moment, go with what you get positive reactions to as your guide.

Bouncing Balls

Or should that say ‘buzzing’? If you or your partner really enjoy scrotal stimulation, why not get some vibrating mechanical helpers involved?

There are toys with such direct vibrations that they may be too much for testicles. If you have something with a lovely rumble, however, your man will most likely love it! Bullet vibes are tiny, powerful, and easy to move around and control to get the perfect touch. Check out a few that have multiple vibration settings so you can gradually up the intensity. Trace the bullet vibe all around the scrotum; don’t forget the sides near the inner thigh, or even underneath. The perineum (the spot hiding between the testicles and the anus) is also a highly sensitive area that is perfect for tickling with a vibrator…or a feather!

Temperature Play

Science and sex – what a great combo! This experiment doesn’t require any protective goggles (unless your man has super power ejaculations), and will be fun for you and your partner.

You will need some ice – cubed or shaved will work. First, try heating up your partner’s balls. Use your mouth, your hands, or even a lube that heats up and watch the scrotum relax and the balls hang loose a bit more. Then toss an ice cube (maybe half a cube) into your mouth! Let your tongue and mouth get chilly, and let the cold sensations hit his testicles. While you are licking & sucking on his balls with your cold mouth, the scrotum should retract a bit back toward his body. Don’t worry; you’re not hurting his balls…it’s just nature! Cooling mints may do the same thing if you go down with one in your mouth and ice is too much cold for you or your partner. It’s not quite the baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment, but the results are similar – GUSH!

Neglecting the balls has gone on long enough! Whether you have them or love someone who has them, it’s time to get familiar with the best pals of your penis. Extra attention to this sensitive erogenous zone can lead to extra pleasure in the bedroom…so say hello to his little friends!

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