The Keister Bunny’s Butt Stuff Meme Showcase

by Kristin T.

April 8, 2023


The tradition continues! Last year’s Easter meme showcase was BDSM-themed and a great deal of fun! So naturally, Easter seemed like another good time to keep things light and do another one! This year, we’re creating a nice little crossover with our Anal April celebrations with a meme showcase featuring the best bytes of butt stuff humor.

Anal play sadly still has a stigma around it for some silly reason. Leave it to the internet to try and lessen that stigma by memeing about it! Whether we’re talking about butt plugs & anal beads or strap-on sex and salad tossing, the jokes are out there, and I’ve compiled some here for your amusement. And I apologize for not being able to credit the original artists & sources for most of these fine creations, but we all know how the internet works…it’s not always possible.

Hey, multitasking is important, right?:

This is why scientific exploration is still so important. BEHOLD THE BOOTY!:

Talk Nerdy to Me:

Unfortunately, once you start noticing it, a LOT of things look like butt plugs:

Practice makes perfect!:

Not with ALL the lube and anal training in the WORLD:

Ah yes…juicers. That’s what they are…:

And now, a few sci-fi stars about exploring the butt:

I mean, relaxing IS important…

Are they wrong, though?

I mean, don’t knock it ’til you try it:

Consent & working up to it is important, but many ladies find it can also be a nice surprise!:

Oh, Assmas Tree, Oh Assmas Tree:

Just because Cleopatra was rumored to have used a gourd full of bees as a vibrator doesn’t mean you should try this! Stick with real anal beads!:

This one might make you Grimace:

As we say in the Midwest, “OPE!”:

And now, my own contribution:

The meme below was created in response to the lovely individual who submitted THIS as his reason for unsubscribing from our email list:

All because we had the audacity to put all of our butt stuff – which is for EVERYONE with a butt and has NOTHING to do with your sexuality, by the way – on sale…

(BTW, we’re putting all our butt stuff on sale again at the end of April, too! Make sure to “have some class” and subscribe to the Lover’s Lane email list so you’re the first to know about that and all our other amazing promos!)

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