Top Ten Things to Say to Romance Your Partner

by Christopher J.

August 11, 2023


Sometimes it’s easy to become focused on celebrating the big things in life: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, buying a new home, landing a new job, having a child. All of those are, of course, extremely important. But one of the best, most effective ways to ensure that you and your partner enjoy a happy, healthy life together is to find ways to remember to celebrate the little things in your lives, too.

Yes, giving your loved one an expensive piece of jewelry or surprising them with a weekend getaway to an exotic location will be deeply appreciated, remembered, and treasured. What might surprise you, though, is the importance and value of those little everyday things, like saying something romantic to your partner at the right moment, or flashing your best smile. Suddenly taking your lover’s hand and planting a nice kiss can be quite powerful, too.

“Small, thoughtful gestures can show your partner that you love them, care about them and appreciate them,” says Sanjana Gupta in her article “The Little Things in Relationships That Matter the Most: How to Show Your Partner That You Care” in VeryWell Mind. “They help promote stability in relationships because they show your partner that they’re important to you and that you think about them. This can help reduce uncertainty in the relationship and instill a sense of security, strengthening your bond and bringing you closer together.”

According to a 2013 survey that included over 5,000 participants, Gupta points out, “small acts of kindness, as simple as making a cup of tea for one’s partner, were highly valued.” Moreover, the results of the survey indicated that while giving gifts like flowers and chocolates are wonderful things to do for a partner, they were considered less important than the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. Additionally, participants overwhelmingly believed that simply saying “I love you” gives affirmation and reassurance to that relationship, and makes couples feel more closely intertwined.

Sharing all of those loving moments and little indicators and reminders of how much you love and care for your partner is not only good for your relationship, but it also reinforces your mental health and well-being. Gupta cites a 2020 study that found “experiencing love on a daily basis helped improve participants’ self-esteem, purpose, optimism, and overall sense of well-being.”

One of the simplest, sweetest, and most impactful things partners can do is share romantic thoughts with each other at any time, any occasion, day or night, any day of the year.

“Sweet romantic words to tell your lover are written all over your heart,” says Kelly Roper in her “50 Sweet & Romantic Things to Say to Your Lover” for “Are you having a hard time expressing these heartfelt sentiments? Learn to give your lover that warm and fuzzy feeling through loving words you can say when you’re out and about, cuddling, or on Valentine’s Day. Romantic things to say to your lover are also a great addition to a card or social media post.”

My personal favorite from Roper’s great and comprehensive list of romantic things to say for different moments is, “I love the way light shines off of your beautiful eyes.” Saying something like that complements the person while expressing the depth of your love for them in a romantic, poetic way.

Seven Stosny, Ph.D., in an article for Psychology Today, claims the most loving thing you can say to your partner is “Teach me how to love you, and I will teach you how to love me.” Hard to argue with. The point is to always work together to grow and evolve your love for each other as you grow and change with age and life experience.

You’ve probably heard the cliché about romantic partnerships that every day should be like Valentine’s Day. As with any cliché, there’s some truth to that statement. You want to find simple ways to tell your lover that you love them all day, every day, whether you’re spending time together or are at work or traveling for business or whatever might be keeping you apart. Of course, those represent golden opportunities to speak your love through a text, phone call, greeting card, or a social media post.

If you just want an extensive reference list of great, romantic things to say to your partner – guy or girl, this will energize and infuse your romantic conversations and moments for some time. It’s Parade’s list of the “100 Most Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl or Guy That Will Give Them Butterflies.”

And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top Ten list of Romantic Things to Say to Your Partner that we have compiled. Use them verbatim when you just need to say something sweet, or as basic inspiration for your own custom phrases that will sweep your lover off their feet:

10) I could stay here forever with you. No one else exists right now.

9) You have my heart.

8) I love doing life with you.

7) All I ever want is to make you happy.

6) When I’m with you, the whole world looks perfect.

5) I would love to spend my whole life in your arms.

4) You are the perfect date. Let’s hang out again every day for the rest of our lives.

3) Nothing else matters but us together in this moment.

2) You are my soulmate.

1) I love you.

Finally, we’ll leave you with one bonus romantic thought you can say to your lover that captures it all about a true, lifelong love relationship. It comes from the pen of A.A. Milne, famed English author who is best known for creating the series of books about the ever-affable teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh:

“If you live to be one hundred, I want to live to be one hundred minus one day so that I never have to live without you.”

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