Turn Cold Days into Hot Nights: The Sexiest (Cozy) Bedroom Looks

by Colleen G.

January 19, 2022


When you’re battling dry skin, freezing cold temps, and static flyaway hair, squeezing into a nylon bodysuit or skin-tight lace number might not sound so sexy. This time of year, it’s better to lotion up, crawl back into your PJ pants, and curl up under a blanket.

Snowy days, however, don’t have to signal the end of sexiness. Winter calls for lingerie that’s equally comfortable and sensual. We’re talking loose-fitting fabrics, peek-a-boo one-pieces that hug your curves in comfort, and robes that are too good to leave hanging in the bathroom.

Your undies drawer may be full of long-sleeved pajamas and flannel pants at the moment, but who says you can’t stay cozy in style? Our selection of must-have winter lingerie is the perfect middle ground between evening wear that screams ‘Take me now!’ and ‘Can’t we just have sex with sweat pants on?’

Belle Chiffon and Lace Jumpsuit

If you’re the type to run hot, even in cold weather, a swishy, flowing jumpsuit ensures you’ll keep cool in the bedroom when things start to really heat up.

The Belle Chiffon And Lace Jumpsuit has just enough fabric to keep your tender parts from freezing, while the low-cut, strappy tank top provides fresh air for your cleavage (and a rather, ahem, refreshing view for your partner).

This gorgeous one-piece is totally see-through, super comfy to wear, and cinches in the middle to accentuate your waistline.

Thea Embroidered Trim Bell Sleeved Robe

This lace-trimmed, mini skirt-short robe won’t keep you warm after a long shower, but it might inspire your partner to bring the heat with some sensual body contact.

Hippie bell sleeves, black floral lace, and a delicious, deep shade of purple make the Thea Embroidered Trim Bell Sleeved Robe the perfect accessory to toss over a bra and panty set or a matching lingerie one-piece.

Of course, you can also go naked underneath and sashay past your partner with a flirtatious flash of bare booty.

Louella Jersey And Lace Cami And Pant Set

Since when are pajama pants considered sexy? Since they’ve been dolled up with black lace, deep red hues, and a matching, low-cut top that lets it all hang out.

The Louella Jersey And Lace Cami And Pant Set, which is sold separately in plus sizes (pictured below), pairs the coziest, most silky smooth PJ pants (which, by the way, will make your ass look amazing) with a deep-V, red and black lace tank top.

Toss the Eyelash Lace Trimmed Robe over your shoulders to complete the look and spare your bare boobs from the evening chill.

Sheer Lace Trim Chemise And Robe Set

Nothing says classic sexy like a see-through chemise and barely-there, cover-up robe in fire engine red.

The Sheer Lace Trim Chemise And Robe Set is hot enough to turn heads and leave little to the imagination without uncomfortably squeezing your belly after another plate full of warm winter comfort food.

We support skipping all the tight straps of your spring or summer lingerie collection and going for that second serving of holiday ham. This ultra-loose chemise set flatters your post-holiday body in all it’s curvaceous glory.

Eyes On You Chemise

Get a leg up on spring with bright floral prints and airy lace accents. Hike up the heat – and the length of your skirt – and slip into the delightfully feminine Eyes on You Chemise.

Covered in spring-inspired shades of orange, this tiny number features cheerful lilies and a loose fit that flows across the breasts and hips.

While this chemise won’t exactly keep you warm, you can always pair it with the sleek comfort of a light robe, like the Sylvie Blush Robe. For cold weather haters, the Janet White Robe keeps out the chill with plush fleece and a giant hood.

Lace Halter Gown

Diverge from the usual lingerie fare and add a flowing, lacy gown to your collection. With floor-length fabrics and thigh-high slits, the Lace Halter Gown is the ultimate for a dominantly sexy look.

An open back, loose waist and airy lace make this luxurious piece comfortable to wear without sacrificing the raw sexuality of it’s garnet red color, ultra-revealing bust line, and all-over, see-through design.

Pair the gown with the Long White Marabou Robe and make an entrance like the Goddess you are!

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