What Color is Your Heart?

by Kristin T.

January 19, 2022


Valentine’s Day is almost here!  If you haven’t shopped for your lover yet, check out this handy gift guide in the form of a quick game!  Without scrolling down any further just yet, ask them to choose their favorite heart from the five romantic colors below (Red, Pink, Purple, Black, or White). Then read on to get a mini personality assessment and customized gift ideas based on their color choice!

For even more fun, you can both play, then head to your nearest Lover’s Lane or Ambiance store together to shop for mutually desirable gifts of passion!  So let’s get started!  Have your partner choose their favorite color of heart, and choose your own, then check out the sensual gift lists for that color to see what Cupid should have in store for you or your partner. Make this the best Valentine’s Day ever with the best gifts ever!

You Chose Red:

If you chose the red heart, you are a classic romantic.  Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite holidays, and you like to celebrate it in the traditional ways.  You’ve had reservations at your favorite restaurant for months, and you love to give and receive all the usual mushy gushy presents…flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, you name it!  You have a fun and fiery personality, but when it comes to expressing your desire for your lover, you may be stuck in one gear.  Show your Red wild side and take this year’s gifts up a notch or two with these fun red-themed ideas:

You Chose Pink:

If the Pink heart is your selection, you are a kind and gentle lover.  You may sometimes be a bit of a hopeless romantic, but once you find your person, your love is unconditional and lifelong.  Your easy-going and head-in-the-clouds personality means you may not have your Valentine’s Day plans nailed down just yet, but you’ll come up with something sweet, fun, and meaningful like you always do!  Show your Pink partner you care with one of these pink-themed presents, and you’ll have a rosy Valentine’s Day no matter what you do:

You Chose Purple:

If the Purple heart was calling to you, you have an old soul and a passionate heart.  Purple is a rich and royal color, and you have lofty ambitions and high expectations of yourself and for your partner.  You two balance each other well because you respect and reflect the best you have to offer each other.  You may not usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional ways, because you feel like it’s a bit beneath you and the depth of your love and loyalty.  But look at it as an opportunity to just grow more connected with your lover, and you’ll be luxuriating in romance all night long!  Please your perfect Purple lover with these violet-hued gifts:

  • For Her: Show off your royal assets in the Penelope Babydoll; the lace and silk fits your romantic personality to a T!
  • For Him: Look feisty in the flirty black Leopard Boxer Brief.
  • For the Bedroom: Power up your playtime with the cutting-edge Snail Vibe in passionate purple.
  • For a Sensual Massage: Soak up the sensations while you caress each other with Libido Exotic Fruits massage oil.
  • A Fun Extra:  Add a sexy squeeze and good vibes to your partnered sex with the Winni Vibrating Cock Ring.

You Chose Black:

Many might assume that if you chose the Black heart, you’re closed off and have a heart of darkness.  Quite the contrary, you are open and adventurous, and you are always looking for things that will bring you happiness, and bring fun to your love life.  You do have a bit of a dark side, but that’s no secret to anyone that knows you, especially your lover, as you love to show it off!  Your Valentine’s Day plans probably include a nice home-cooked dinner, a bottle of wine, and then just enjoying your love in private.  Flaunt that sexy and mysterious side of your Black heart this Valentine’s Day with these stunning black-themed gifts:

You Chose White:

The color White is often associated with innocence and purity, and that’s not far from the truth for you, but you know when to cut loose, too.  You are sweet and a somewhat traditional romantic. You have a light heart and a free spirit, and you love to try new things with your partner.  If you two have Valentine’s Day date plans, it’s probably a couple’s painting class, an escape room, wine tasting…whatever the latest and greatest fun thing you’ve seen on social media, that’s what you want to do!  When you get home, turn up the sexy on your pure White, nicey-nice image with these gorgeous and romantic white-themed gifts:

Valentine’s Day may be on a Monday this year, but you can still make it a memorable one! However you and your love decide to surprise each other this Valentine’s Day, may it be romantic, intimate, and fun!  There is still time to score a perfect gift, that will hopefully lead to a perfect score! 😉  Let a Romance Specialist at any Lover’s Lane or Ambiance store help you choose exactly what you and your lover will enjoy together!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!

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