Wand Magic: Good Vibes for the Whole Body

by Colleen G.

May 25, 2023


Wand vibes are some of the most magically versatile massagers in the pleasure industry. They hold huge orgasmic potential for folks of all genitals, body sizes, and sexual identities.

Wand vibrators were once known as the housewife’s secret weapon, long before owning sex toys was something to shout about, and you had to disguise your vibe as a “back massager”. In 2023, however, these high-powered rumblers are now beloved (and often publicly celebrated) by everyone from solos to couples to queer people and disabled folks and kinksters. Largely due to their newly updated varieties and wide array of sizes, shapes, and attachment options, there’s a wand toy out there for everyone, and good for every part of your body. They do still truly make great back massagers, after all.

However you prefer your pleasure, there’s a capable wand vibe out there, just waiting to make magic in your bed. We waved our magic desktop mouse at Lover’s Lane headquarters, and some of our favorite massaging wand vibrators magically appeared on the screen for your reading and shopping pleasure:

The Magic Wand Original

Curious to know how this whole wand massager trend began? The OG of wand vibes, the Original Magic Wand, and thus, the only wand that can legally sell the vibrator under that name, first hit the market in 1968. It has undergone some major facelifts and improvements over the years, but this Hitachi staple is still a must-have for any sex toy connoisseur.

The 2-speed, corded Hitachi Magic Wand Original is as close as you can get to the classic design. The Hitachi Magic Wand Plus Hv-265 keeps the cord, but ups the ante with more speed options.

If you’d prefer an updated version with even more speeds and a cordless, rechargeable body, the Magic Wand brand has got all your needs covered with the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable and the Hitachi Mini Magic Wand.

Le Wand Massager

The Le Wand brand of massager-style vibrators is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands out there, largely because the company has done everything possible to make wand massagers more accessible, versatile, and friendly for LGBTQIA+ couples. They are also just flat-out gorgeous and feel more luxurious than a lot of others in the wand game.

Le Wand’s original, full size design is cordless, rechargeable, and rumbles in 10 speeds and a mind-blowing 20 patterns. It has a nice hefty weight and feel to it, which makes it as good for targeting sore muscles and deep body aches as it is at teasing and tantalizing your nether regions.

The Le Wand Rechargeable Massager comes in matte black, light grey, and hot pink. You can even get a corded, plug-in version in light blue and a shiny, light pink mini version called the Le Wand Petite with a smaller build.

Triple your wand’s capabilities with Le Wand’s separately sold attachments, like the Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment, Le Wand Glider Weighted Silicone Wand Attachment or the Le Wand Dual Weighted Silicone Wand Attachment.

Mini Wands

For some folks, small sex toys are the only way to go, whether they live with a roommate, can’t afford a luxury-level wand, or have trouble holding a big ol’ vibrating stick.

There are tons of mini-style wands out there that pack just as much of a rumbly-motored punch with multiple speeds and new tech capabilities…all in a cute, portable, stashable package.

The Femme Fun Ultra Wand is half the size of your average wand with 10 speeds, a flexible neck, and a textured silicone exterior. The Sensuelle Nubii Mika Mini Wand has a delicious warming function to gently heat up your pleasure parts while buzzing away with 10 speeds.

The Evolved Sunshine Silicone Wand is an adorably small wonder that offers texture, targeted stimulation with just the right amount of squish, and 10 speeds and functions.

And just when you thought classic wands could do it all, wait until you meet the Love Essentials Oh My Dual Function Massager, which has a 10-speed, mini wand head at one end and a 10-function clitoral suction device at the other. “Oh my” is right!

Zoa Intimate Massage Wand

Wands have become ultra popular as couples toys, providing intense clitoral stimulation that can be easily paired with PIV sex, strap-on sex, or other kinds of penetrative fun.

The Zoa Intimate Massage Wand looks like a typical, large-style wand at first glance. Further inspection, however, reveals an expertly angled head that hits the clit just right while accommodating a dick or dong. Unlike the typical knobby wand head, the end is flatter & flared so it can rest comfortably between you and your lover during sex and hit all the right spots.

The Zoa also features a versatile double-ended design with a second motor in the bulbous, textured ‘handle’, which can be flipped around and inserted.

In the wide world of wands, you really can have it all! Now, pick one, and go make some magic of your own! You’ll be a powerful wand-wielding witch or wizard of the old magic in no time!

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