Wife Appreciation Day (Should be more than just One Day!)

by Erica G.

November 1, 2021


Sunday, September 19th is National Wife Appreciation Day. Why? We don’t really know! But is it ever a bad idea to set aside some time to shower your spouse with a little extra TLC to show your gratitude? Read on for some romantic and sexy ideas you can use on Wife Appreciation Day, or any day of the year!

Before 2006, wives the world over were being neglected. Divorce rates were soaring, Ashley Madison was becoming relevant, and women everywhere were stunned at the constant thoughtlessness of their partner. Suddenly, with the help of someone throwing a dart at a calendar, a date was picked, and an event was formed. Since that fateful toss, the 3rd Saturday in September is now recognized as Wife Appreciation Day. Married women rejoice!

All kidding aside, there really is no history as to how this day came to be associated with appreciating your wife, so I decided to take some creative license. But is it ever a bad idea to set aside at least a day to show a little extra gratitude to your significant other, be it wife, husband, spouse, or whatever you would like to call your romantic partner? Maybe flowers and dinner just don’t cut it when it comes to showing some thanks.  So, how about something a bit sexier? Let’s dive into some ways that will show your partner how much you appreciate them, and may get some romance initiated.  The best part? You can use these sexy ideas to celebrate your spouse any day of the year!

Spa Treatment- at home!

The kids, the house, work, other people (you) who take up precious moments from your wife…it never ends. I’m sure you’ve heard the exasperated sigh once she gets a chance to pour a glass of wine and just RELAX. Why not carve out some time to help her release that stress and tension, starting with a warm bath? Just like the origins of Wife Appreciation Day, no one quite understands why women love taking a bath more than men (science!). Maybe it’s the closest thing to an escape portal from the craziness surrounding them.

Let’s turn this bathing experience into a moment where you can wash, cuddle, and caress your partner while they relax. Let her soak, while you tend to her shoulders, toes, legs, arms…like a slippery mini massage! Be prepared to get a little wet while you do this, and get creative with some fun extra touches. Try enhancing the bath with bath bombs that fizz and release scents that will help set the mood. Or depending on how adventurous you want to get, toss in the Shunga Sensual Lotus bath gel and watch the water become more of a sensual gel, with the smell of fresh lotus flowers taking over the tub. Imagine sitting in a tub of those water beads that kids play with…that’s what the bath gel becomes…but it goes down the drain just fine!

A true spa day may include facials, mani/pedi, massage, and a blowout. As a person with a wife that needs extra appreciation on a specific day, you should probably stick to something more basic, like just the massage. Brush up on your skills first with this easy-to-read primer, then give your new talents a try. You will learn quite quickly that massage oil or lotion is necessary. There are many options that will make you feel like a pro, and also give off some amazing sensual scents as well. There are even kits that provide scented bath gel AND massage oil as well as other fun and tasty goodies to try with your wife.

Your Pleasure is My Pleasure

Ok, the scene has been set; you can feel the appreciation surrounding you and your partner. And like any great 80’s action movie, there should be a climax . And like an action movie, sometimes it takes a sidekick to help get the job done. I’m not quite suggesting a threesome, though…I was thinking more of calling on a couples toy to enhance the experience.

If you are new and hesitant about what to try, check out something as simple as a vibrating cock ring. Its extremely easy to operate, will add extra sensations for both partners, and you can add or remove it quickly while having sex. If you really want to focus on your wife’s pleasure, and she is open to toys in the bedroom, level up to most anything from We-Vibe. With vibration functions that are laser focused on getting women to orgasm, most everything they make helps the O’s come easier. They even have some app-controlled toys so you can both get in on the fun!  

Taking time out of your stressful life to remind the one you love that you adore them, and appreciate them, is never a bad idea. If it takes a random calendar day to be that reminder, so be it. Hopefully some of these tips work well for you and can become habits to make appreciating your wife that much sexier all year long!

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