69 With a Twist: New Positions for Mutual Pleasure

by Kristin T.

June 9, 2023


Ah, 6/9…everyone’s favorite snicker-inducing date…because 69 is everyone’s favorite snicker-inducing number (and because it’s a great sex position, duh!). Why not celebrate this simple, silly, sexual occasion by hooking up with your lover to try a few new twists on the classic 69 position?

For any uninitiated folks out there who may be unfamiliar with what 69ing even is (why do people keep giggling about that number??), it is a commonly enjoyed sex position that allows a couple to simultaneously stimulate each other’s genitals with their mouths. While doing two things at the same time and doing them well can be challenging, it’s also a lot of fun to be able to give and receive pleasure at the same time, and 69 allows for that!

In one penis/one vulva couples, the typical & most comfortable 69 position puts the man on the bottom. This allows better control of how deep the penis can penetrate into her mouth as she gives him head. While this is happening, she straddles his face, with her weight on her knees, while he stimulates her genitals with his mouth and tongue. It’s very intimate and sensual and can be a whole lot of fun as foreplay or as the whole sexy shebang! 69ing is also gender-inclusive and mutually engaging – both lovers are busy performing and enjoying some oral pleasure at the same time. Who can say no to that?

So, if this describes your basic 69, what else can you do with it? Basically, use your imagination! Read on for 6 creative variations of this mutually pleasing position.

Note: While this post uses heteronormative pronouns throughout, most of these positions can be adapted and enjoyed by couples with any combinations of genitals. 

Sideways 69

Also known as the Horizontal 69, this is pretty much the same as your standard 69, but lying on your sides instead. This position still offers easy oral access to both partner’s genitals, and may be more comfortable and accessible for many folks. This position can be good for partners of varied body sizes, and puts everything in easy reach. It’s less confining for the person who would be on the bottom and less work & potential discomfort for the person on top. It’s also great for anyone who gets claustrophobic being on the bottom under their partner’s weight.

Lie on your sides facing each other, heads pointing in opposite directions. Align your faces with each other’s genitals. Open or adjust your legs as necessary, and go to town with all your best oral skills!

Handy 69

This one is great as foreplay, or all on its own! Instead of using your mouths to get each other off, this one just uses your hands. This is technically just one possible position you can try for mutual masturbation, but we still think it counts as a 69 variation!

Lie down on your sides with your heads in opposite directions. You can lie on your sides a’ la Jeff Goldblum and look longingly in each other’s eyes. Align your bodies within easy reach of each other’s genitals, then go to town with only your palms & digits. Don’t forget lube, and just give each other the best hand jobs/finger bangs they’ve had in their lives. This one easily lends itself to gradually scooching closer to each other and turning into an actual 69, or just screwing. It’s also a fun and comfortable position to get some sex toys involved!

Squatting 69

Instead of lying down, this one involves sitting and squatting. The guy sits up on the floor while his partner aligns her genitals with his face and bends forward, placing her hands on the floor to support her weight and aligning her face with his penis. Both partners can adjust their angles for a perfect reach, and then go to town! This one can take a little more core, quad, and glute strength, but it can be a fun variation for when you’re feeling a little more adventurous. It makes a great opportunity for some ass slapping as well!

Analingus 69

This one is exactly what it sounds like. Assume whatever 69-style is most conducive to this for you and your partner. Instead of just licking or sucking each other’s genitals, at least one partner – maybe both – is enjoying some oral attention to their butthole.

“The Headstand”/Standing 69/”The 70”

For the most daring and athletic couples out there, I present…whatever you want to call this:

I’ve seen it called the headstand, standing 69, vertical 69, the 70 (even though it looks nothing like that number…perhaps because it’s “one upping” the 69?)…you name it. Heights, body shapes, physical strength, and what surfaces you have to assist you are all a factor here. There are different ways to accomplish this, but here’s one basic description of how it’s supposed to work:

The man will need to start on his knees on the floor. The partner then, standing behind him, rolls in front of the man as if to perform a cartwheel or forward somersault, wrapping her legs around his neck as she goes. Align things so his head is perfectly in between the woman’s legs as she moves forward. He grips her firmly around the waist and carefully rises to his feet. She should ideally still be able to reach the floor with her hands and support her weight, like in a handstand, but if not, she can grip him firmly around the waist. At this point, their genitals should now be aligned, perfect for mutual oral delight, Spiderman style!

If you feel like you have the desire and the physical prowess to do this one safely, go for it! We’re sure it will spice up your mutual stimulation repertoire!

Swinging 69

If you are lucky enough to own or have access to a sex swing and haven’t used it to 69 yet, what are you waiting for?!? To accomplish this one, as Men’s Health so eloquently puts it in their article 10 Variations of the 69 Sex Position Because We Should All Suck More, “One partner lays back in the swing, with the straps around their back, lower butt, and heels. The second partner, with their legs firmly planted on the floor, bends over. From there, your genitals are in each other’s faces, and you can start sucking!”

With the Swinging 69 or any of these fun variations (and you can find even MORE creative ones here), make it the ultimate goal of your mutual pleasure session to achieve simultaneous orgasm! Don’t take yourself too seriously, just have fun with it, and enjoy all the unique ways you can find to mutually suck each other off!

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