Be the Candy: How to Add Flavor to your Fun

by Kristin T.

February 14, 2022


The only thing better than Valentine’s candy is day-after-Valentine’s CLEARANCE candy! Ok, that’s not entirely true….when it comes to your romantic romps between the sheets, the sweetest treat of all is for you to BE the candy! We promise it will be better than anything that comes in a heart-shaped box! Read on for some tips and hot products that can help make your sex-capades extra tasty!

Food and sex have long been very happy bedfellows. In fact, eating delicious foods can trigger some of the same pleasure receptors as having sex…so why not combine the two by adding mouthwatering flavored elements to your sex adventures? We’ve talked about aphrodisiacs before, as well as foods that may enhance your libido in the long run, but what about spicing (or sweetening) things up in the moment?

Sure, pretty much everyone knows about flavored lubes, but they are not your only option. There’s a whole world out there of edible enhancements, aphrodisiac appetizers, kissable creams, and lickable lip glosses. As long as you have a few of these tasty treats in your nightstand drawer, your sex – oral or otherwise – never has to taste boring again!

Lickable Lubes

First, there’s the old faithful category of flavored lubes. These serve a dual purpose of making your lovemaking more slippery (good for every type of sex), and adding a nice burst of flavor for the giver of the oral favor to enjoy. Lovers of the super-sweet may enjoy the natural-tasting flavor of Intimate Earth’s Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Glide, or the watermelon sugar high of Wicked Aqua Watermelon Lubricant. If you prefer to keep things tart and sassy, you might like Wild Cherries Glide or Aqua Pink Lemonade. For easy-to-grab packets for fun on the run, or if you just want to try several flavors without committing, check out the Wicked Teasers packs in Fresh Fruit Mix or Coffee House Mix. Whatever flavor you select, they are all body-safe and fully edible, made to taste great and help you truly enjoy your most slobbery sex session. The best part? They’re all totally water-based so they play nice with your silicone toys, like the BJ-enhancing ones in the Fun Factory Glow & Blow Kit.

Enticing Oral Enhancements

If going down on your lover isn’t your favorite thing in the world (or if it is but you want to make it even better!) there’s a product to help with that! If flavored lubes aren’t quite flavorful enough, or don’t do enough to up your oral sex game, check out these other flavorful fun potions! Try Pro Blo’s Ahh…Some Blow-job Gel in tasty but unusual flavors like Bubble Gum and Blueberry. It creates a warming sensation as you lick and blow on your lover’s member while you go to town. For even more arousing power, there’s the Pro Blo Arousing Blow-Job Gel in Strawberry, or the tingly & refreshing Mint-flavored Arousal Gel which can be used during oral sex, or on any erogenous zones any time (more on those below)! If your man is so well-endowed that your pesky gag reflex gets in the way when you’re blowing his…mind…a yummy throat relaxing numbing spray like Pro Blo in Sexy Cinnamon, Deep AF in Cherry, or Deeply Love You in Chocolate Coconut should all fit the bill for desensitizing your throat enough to bring him to a candy-coated climax with no problem.

Nummy Nips & Naughty Bits

Engage your lover’s whole body in your sensual play with delicious and arousing enhancements that can be used on any of their erogenous zones. Try Shunga’s Aphrodisiac Oil in flavors like Blazing Cherry or their ever-popular Exotic Green Tea. Just a drop or two on your clitoris, nipples, head of your penis…wherever…creates a warming, stimulating sensation when your partner blows on it. Then they get to lick it off, making it feel even better! Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love works in much the same way. Use a few drops over small, sensitive areas of the body to enhance arousal as you blow and kiss. It comes in decadent flavors like Vanilla Crème and Raspberry Kiss. Balms are another fun option, especially for nipple play, as they stay in place a little better than oils. Shunga’s Sensations Balm or Nipple Nibblers are perfect for tantalizing your lover’s nips with a tingle…and they taste great, too! 

All-Over Edibles

Why limit your tasty play to below the belt when you can make their whole body even yummier than it already is? Flavored, kissable massage oils and creams come in a wide range of flavors and can be rubbed all over your partner’s body during an intimate massage session. Love Me Tender massage oil in Cotton Candy creates a gentle warming sensation that will help relax your lover’s muscles as you give them a romantic rub-down…and then you can kiss it off of them, because it’s delicious! Shunga also makes great massage options; their luscious, liquid Organica Kissable Massage Oil in Almond Sweetness, is made for tasting…while all of their massage oils smell great, the kissable ones are truly made to taste. Thick and creamy Kissable Massage Cream in Strawberry Wine helps your hands glide over their body, and tastes amazing, while a dusting of Sweet Snow in Raspberry Feeling gives you something sweet to kiss off of wherever you put it without being sticky…plus you can tease them with the fancy feather pouf. Don’t forget about the option of making your lover’s whole body your canvas, either. Paint pictures or write little love notes in Aphrodisiac Chocolate Body Paint, then kiss your gallery away while your lover squirms in anticipation.

More than Just Lip Service

Lip glosses are another fun way to apply flavor and sensation to your makeout sessions or oral sex. You and your partner on the receiving end will benefit from the tingly, plumping sensations brought on by the High on Love Couples Lip Gloss or Shunga’s Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss, which comes in a sweet Strawberry Wine flavor as well as yummy tropical Coconut Water. You can’t go wrong with the warming, then cooling experience this lip gloss creates, and your partner is certain to notice the amazing difference while you kiss or go down on them.

Couples who play together, stay together, and adding flavor to your sexual favors is just one more sensual sensory element that can take your sexy playtime from ho-hum to YUM!

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