Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

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November 1, 2021


The Kneel

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

This is one of the easiest of the best sex positions during pregnancy. With your belly fully supported and out of the way, your partner can effortlessly slide in from behind. With his free hands, he can hold on to your waist as he thrusts. For some extra pleasure, give him the Gossip Silicone Bullet to use on you and enjoy the precise clitoris stimulation provided by this bullet’s bunny ears.

Leap Frog

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Roll over, lean back, and let him take control with the Leap Frog. This is another easy position for you and your partner that keeps the belly out of the way. If you are looking for more support, grab a pillow and slide it under your chest and belly. Easily add some extra kink to this position by incorporating a pair of handcuffs.

The Lotus

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Just because you have a baby bump doesn’t mean you can’t be on top. This position puts you in charge, so set the pace and enjoy – particularly as you have such easy access to your clit! Try including a toy like the Form 5 Vibrator Plum, which provides pleasure for the both of you. Want to explore even more couples vibrators? Find out which ones belong in your nightstand with our guide to the best couples vibrators!

The Candle

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Whether it may be in the living room, shower, or anywhere else in the house, don’t be afraid to have fun beyond the bedroom! When you try the Candle, use the back of a chair or wall for added support. During pregnancy your breasts are extra sensitive, so encourage him to play with them! Make it even more interesting with the Vibrating Silicone Cupping Set; the suction cups on skin create a vacuum, which provides impressive stimulation in and of itself, but when combined with vibes from the one-speed bullet, it’s enough to drive you totally wild!

G Whiz!

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

We couldn’t forget to include this pleaser in our list of the best sex positions during pregnancy. Prop your legs up and let him hold you by the waist for support. True to its name, this one allows your man to be at just the right angle to hit the g-spot. As your belly grows, you may find it more difficult to hold yourself up in positions like this, but don’t forget that you can add plenty of pillows behind your back for additional support.Now that you know some of the best sex positions during pregnancy, feel free to spice them up even more with adult sex toys and erotic lingerie. As always, browse our many selections online or at a store near you. Make sure to contact your health care physician if you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy and sex.

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