Blow His Mind When You Blow His…

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Before we get started, get the visions of hand on the back of your head while you’re getting vigorously skull (you know where I’m going with this), out of your head. Pun intended!

You are in control.

If a man gets overly “enthusiastic” and starts forcibly moving his hips, put both of your hands on them and firmly push down (and/or away). If this doesn’t work, he doesn’t deserve head. Or you for that matter! If you’d rather not take a risk, restrain him. It can be impossible to get an entire penis in your mouth and you don’t have to. We’ll revisit this topic later but, for now it is imperative that you know that your dominant hand can be an extension of your lips. Just make sure you move them in succession with the same amount of pressure and a lot of spit. Yes, I said it. Spit is good. So are flavored lubes and these are yummy! It will keep things sliding nicely and he loves it. Trust me.

No Teeth.

You do not have teeth during fellatio. Seriously. It can help to repeat this to yourself in your head, over and over and over again. Cover your bottom teeth with your tongue and use that along with your top lip (curved over your top teeth) to create your suction. Or, cheat with this lovely little invention! Remember that dominant hand? With a relaxed mouth, get your lips in position, now let your open fist meet up with them. You want to create a suction without actually sucking. Slide up and down his member slow and deep (here is something that can help relax your throat muscles), then increase speed and pressure. The head of the penis is extremely sensitive. Think your clitoris. Almost. A lot of men enjoy the act of very gentle sucking on their head. Try it. Nice and easy though, until you can tell how he feels about it! Keep your hand still during this, lightly clasped around the base of his penis to keep it steady. You don’t have to be fancy but, coordination is key.

Men Have feelings too.

If it were up to me I would simply tell you to ALWAYS SWALLOW! But, it isn’t up to me, it is my opinion and I’m here to help not be pushy. Although I have never heard of a man that doesn’t go wild even talking about his juices getting ingested, that doesn’t mean he would get offended if you didn’t swallow. I guess. You can demurely expel the contents of your award winning mouth in a tissue or… If you really want to go for the gold, let him “shower” your breasts with his seed. Possibly rub it around your skin and let him watch you taste just a drop by putting your wet index finger into your pursed lips then slowly pulling it out making an mmmmm noise? Just a thought. How about turning it up just a bit more and playing the “Dirty School Girl” or “Naughty Secretary” for him? You can knock out two huge male fantasies in one by letting him give you a thorough “facial”. We hear it’s great for your skin, too! Add some sexy “prop” glasses if you’re worried about your eyes!

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