Slippery When Wet…

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


If you haven’t tried out shower sex yet, or you did but it turned out to be less than steamy, we are here to help you enjoy a new kind of good, clean fun!

There are just a couple of items you’ll need before you take the plunge: A non-slip bath mat. Yes, we know. That doesn’t sound very sexy. However, things are going to get slippery. No pun intended this time! Ending up with your legs in the air is fine but, only when it’s by choice! Lube. Lots of lube. We suggest the silicone variety as it is harder to rinse away than its water-based counter part. If you’ve ever been wet while being wet, you know that water is an enemy to your natural lubrication. Now for the fun part. As long as you are on your way to getting squeaky clean anyway, may we suggest throwing caution to the wind and getting really dirty and maybe even sticky first?! This would be the perfect time to play with some delicious oral enhancements or even plain old chocolate sauce from your fridge! You may want to warm it up just a little bit first! And, while we’re on the subject of warming things up… Of course shower sex should be steamy but, not scolding. Test the waters before jumping in! You don’t want it too hot because it’ll be very easy to overheat as it is! Too cold and, well, that’s not going to be good for the boys. So, keep it midway between hot and cold or, you can always turn the water off while you’re getting dirty, then turn it back on when it’s time to rinse away all of that sticky sweetness! Also, if you didn’t know, we love sex toys! Especially waterproof sex toys… And this is one of the reasons why. Wink, wink. There is room in every relationship for at least one great sex toy and some of the best toys out there just happen to be waterproof. Let it be your adult version of a rubber ducky!

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