How to Tickle & Tease your Booty with Ease

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


The end is near!!! The end of Anal August, anyway.  What, you didn’t know Anal August was a thing? Well, now you do…put it on your calendar for next year so you don’t forget to celebrate!  

So, “what IS Anal August?”, you may ask.  Simply put, it’s a month to celebrate, draw attention to, and break the stigmas around the myriad ways we can derive pleasure through our backdoor.  The mere mention of “anal sex” may cause some folks to clench their cheeks in fear, but there is a lot more to butt stuff than penetration with a penis or a giant dildo.  All humans are capable of experiencing anal pleasure, and there are many ways to do so.  Read on for some ways to up your booty play game for even greater foreplay, masturbation, and more!

Delight That Beautiful Butt

There are two main reasons anal play is so popular.  First and foremost, it’s because the butthole is a very nerve-dense opening.  Sensations from touch in this region are powerful and often intensely pleasurable, no matter what genitalia you’re rocking.  Penis owners have the bonus of a prostate gland in their anus, which can serve as an extra orgasm-creating pleasure center for many.

Anal sex is probably the most stigmatized of all sexual acts because of its association with being “only for gay men”, but that’s homophobia talking.  Turns out when surveyed, 40% of men (gay AND straight) and 35% of women responded that they enjoy experiencing anal stimulation for sexual purposes.  Seems like common phrases like “nothing goes in the out door” may be preventing a whole lot of people from enjoying anal play.  

The second reason so many people love butt stuff is because of the butt itself.  This one applies more to the giver than the receiver, but often part of the joy of providing anal pleasure is the thrill of being so close to your lover’s glorious glutes.  Many people just find butts attractive and very sexually stimulating, so it just makes sense that they would be involved in sex. If you love your lover’s butt and they are a little unsure about all this, start them out very slowly.  Just massaging a finger around the opening while you have sex, or kissing around the area, may be just enough to get them open-minded enough to explore further.

The entire butt region, including the cheeks, can be very sensitive to pleasurable (or painful, if you’re into that) touches.  This makes it a perfect canvas for sensory sex play.  Try caressing your partner up their thighs several times before landing that focus on their derriere.  A feather tickler or the ends of a flogger can create a great tickling, teasing sensation that will leave them begging for more.  Temperature play can be fun on the butt as well – just make sure to keep anything hot away from the genitals or the anus itself.  Hot wax dripped across your lover’s behind, or an ice cube you run down their back to their butt will drive them wild with desire. You can even get artsy (hopefully not fartsy) with some chocolate body paint delicately drizzled across their rear.  If that makes you want to explore even further with your mouth…try rimming, as described below. 😉  

Prettify Your Playtime

A lot of lovers prefer the aesthetic side of booty play.  As stated above, many people just LOVE to look at butts!  For many people of all genders, butts and therefore butt play are a visual and physical fetish.  If you or your partner have this fetish, the industry has you covered with many options for beautifying your booty for your pleasure and your lover’s enjoyment.

We’ll talk more about butt plugs below, but many of them are designed more for creative sexual expression and pure aesthetics than for comfort or pleasure. That being said, toys like this are often enjoyed by both the wearer and the viewer.  Anal plugs with tails are a popular choice, allowing lovers to fulfil their most animalistic fantasies.  There are also jeweled plugs, fun to wear during doggy-style sex or any time your partner will be admiring your sparkly butt.  You can even put a rave club in your undies with light-up plugs!  

If you want to draw all your lover’s attention to your ass without putting anything inside of it, you can do that too with the help of booty-centric lingerie. A figure-flattering bodystocking with all your best ass-ets on display is a great way to go. Form-fitting chemises stop just below your booty, drawing attention to it so your lovers eyes will only be on you…and it’s easy to get out of the way when playtime commences.  Experiment with different looks and anal accessories and you’re sure to find a way to turn your butt-loving lover on.    

Toys for Anal Play

Sex toys made specifically for anal play come in 3 general categories – plugs, beads, and prostate massagers – and are a very popular choice for anal stimulation. Some vibrate, some don’t and rather rely on your body’s natural movements to hit the spot. Anal toys can be used for solo play or during coupled action. Many may enjoy the extra feeling of fullness or stimulation a toy can generate while having P in V intercourse. Some like the sensation of going about their daily business with a wearable stimulating plug as their silent secret. Whatever kinds of toys you enjoy, there are a few basic rules for keeping things clean, fun, and safe:

  1. Don’t share. – Your butt toys should go in your butt only.  Don’t let your partner use them, and don’t use them in any other orifices after you’ve used them in your butt.
  2. Mind the base. – All toys for anal play should have a flared base or retrieval loop. Unlike a vagina, there’s nothing in your butthole to keep things from getting stuck up there, and you won’t be able to squeeze it out, either.  Choose toys made specifically for butt stuff to avoid a trip to the ER.
  3. Keep it clean. – Anal toys are particularly important to keep clean and bacteria-free. Always look for toys made from non-porous, body safe material.  To clean them when you’re done, 1-2 thorough scrubs with soapy water and/or toy cleaner should be sufficient, but if there’s still lingering residues or odors, give it another wash.
  4. Use lube. – The anus is not a self-lubricating opening. Whether you’re being penetrated with toys or a penis, you need to use LOTS of lube.  Make sure it’s a water-based lube if you’re playing with silicone toys.  Otherwise, silicone lube may be your best bet for even more slippery satisfaction.  

You can read more details about each category of anal pleasure toy and how to use them, plus other tips and basics for butt stuff beginners by clicking HERE.  You can also learn a TON about how to tantalize that tushy in a quick and entertaining way from the Butt Stuff Basics video series from B-Vibe.

Taking things Inside

Penetrative Anal Sex

This is the act most people probably immediately think of when they hear “anal sex”, which is a shame, because as we’re discussing here, there can be so much more to it than that!  Simply put, penetrative anal sex is when a penis penetrates a butthole.  That’s it!  Sometimes anal penetration is an intimate act between two male partners, or sometimes the partner with the penis is penetrating their female lover’s anus.

Anal sex is a very personal and intimate choice, but lovers who do share in that experience tend to desire it again and again.  If you’re curious about anal penetration but new to it, make sure to take it slow. That common phrase “just the tip” is a good place to start. If you experience any pain, stop immediately and try something else.  It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s supposed to be pleasurable!      


Pegging is another name for sex with a strap-on. Traditionally, a strap-on harness with with a dong or dildo is worn by a cis woman, who uses it to penetrate the anus of her (more often than not) cis-het male partner.  There are variations to this pattern, of course, and any lovers who are interested can experiment with what works for them.

Pegging is a popular bedroom pastime because it subverts the traditional male/female power dynamic. It breaks the heteronormative cycle of the man always being the penetrator while the woman is always the penetrated.  Some enjoy pegging or being pegged as a kink, or as part of a dominant/submissive power exchange.  No matter your reason for enjoying it, pegging is a very popular anal activity, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There are many sizes and styles of strap-ons that make pegging accessible even to beginners.  As with all forms of anal penetration, use plenty of lube, relax, and see if pegging is a good fit for you!      


Rimming, tossing salad, eating ass, analingus…whatever you prefer to call it, most people have very strong feelings about it one way or the other.  Remember that the anus is a very nerve-dense opening that can create pleasurable sensations for many people of all genders and sexual orientations…but not all people are comfortable with a penis or a dong or dildo being inserted in their anus.  Enter the mouth & tongue!  

‘Rimming’ refers to oral stimulation of an anus. That’s it! It can be a much less invasive form of anal play. Some love giving, some love receiving, and some folks enjoy both. There are, of course, some special health and safety concerns when getting involved with analingus, but nothing a good shower, an anal douche cleanse, and a dental dam can’t solve. The posterior pros over at our friend b-Vibe do the best possible job of explaining the ins and outs of rimming in this guide, so I’ll let them take it from here!

Remember, before embarking on any anal experimentation with your partner, that communication is key. If you’re interested in trying any of the ideas in this article, discuss it openly and honestly with your partner, in little bits over a period of time, rather than bombard them with it all at once. Mutual interest, clear communication, and enthusiastic consent are a must before any anal stuff can go down.

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