Brand Spotlight: LELO

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Swedish brand LELO has been revolutionizing the adult toy and personal massager market since 2003.  With their design-forward focus, attention to detail, and eye for quality materials and beautiful construction, it’s no wonder they have so many devoted fans of their line of toys.  LELO makes exciting, luxury toys for men, women, and couples, and the ways in which you can use their toys are as diverse as the users themselves!  They’re designed to be used however brings YOU pleasure, and they are also just as stunning to look at as they are fun to use!  They are considered a high-end toy line, but the price point still makes them affordable for many, and we think you’ll agree they are worth every penny!  With features like a one-year replacement warranty and 10 year guarantee if you register your toy at purchase, they are a worthwhile investment that will bring you a lifetime of amazing sensation and luxurious pleasure.  Let’s take a look at some of the favorites:

Lily 2 & Nea 2:

Lily was the toy design that started it all for LELO, and the Lily 2 is just the updated and upgraded version of that first little hero.  Don’t let their size fool you; the Lily 2 and Nea 2 are powerful performers.  Made for external use either solo or nestled between partners during lovemaking, they both feature strong vibrations and eight patterns of stimulation.  And since they are both 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, and have a Travel Lock feature to keep them discreet, you can take your pleasure to new places.  The claim to fame for Lily 2 (pictured on left) is the ultra-soft, body-safe silicone infused with the fragrance of lavender and Manuka honey to delight your sense of smell.  Nea 2 focuses on the visual appeal, with its shiny smooth body-safe ABS plastic case and intricate floral detailing.  Nea 2 is a online exclusive, but you can find her sister Lily 2 in Lover’s Lane stores.  Both would make excellent gifts for a lover or a close friend you want to enjoy the luxury of LELO, and both are truly objects of beauty.  

Hugo & Bruno:

As I mentioned earlier, the ways to use LELO toys are pretty much endless.  Hugo and Bruno were designed as prostate massagers with dual stimulation – one motor in the base and one in the tip – but these toys for boys are immensely popular with women as well, for achieving simultaneous internal and external stimulation.  They have all the sizes and angles down to be perfect for prostate massage, which helps many men climax like they never have before (up to 33% better in size and intensity in many cases), and they can be used solo or during sex.  Hugo (pictured on right) comes with a remote control for adjusting the patterns and intensity for hands-free delight.  Bruno doesn’t have the remote, but is just as easy to use, and will help give you just as intense an orgasm with its six powerful vibration patterns.  The silky silicone, waterproof design, and medium size makes them great even for newcomers to prostate play and anal stimulation.    

Tiani 3 & Ida:

The Tiani 3 and Ida are both couple’s toys from LELO made to take your lovemaking to the next level.  While they are both designed to be worn by the female during partnered sex, where they provide fun new sensations to the male as well, they are great for solo play, too.  They both feature the SenseMotion remote control, so you’re not fumbling with buttons on the toy once it’s nestled inside you or between you and your partner…one mode even adjusts the patterns with a shake of the remote!  The Tiani 3 (pictured on left) is worn with the thinner arm inside the vagina, and the thick part resting on the clitoris, where it provides amazing vibrating pleasure as you and your partner make love.  The Ida introduces a whole new layer of sensation to slow, intimate lovemaking with an arm that rotates inside of you, while the vibrating outside base provides an extra buzz for both of you to enjoy.  Like most LELO toys, they are both waterproof and made of super-smooth body-safe silicone, so they will bring comfort and pleasure to you AND your lover, or you all on your own!    

Mona Wave & Loki Wave:

Both toys from the LELO Wave collection feature a state-of-the-art “come hither” motion in the tips, in addition to powerful vibrations from the other internal motor.  The Mona Wave (pictured on left) is designed for G-spot stimulation for women, and the Loki Wave is designed for prostate, or P-spot stimulation for men, and has an external vibrator as well.  The come-hither motion provides a sensation to that of a finger stimulating the G-spot or P-spot, providing intense pleasure and even more intense orgasms.  They both feature 10 stimulation modes and are completely waterproof.  Now, the motor that runs the Wave function isn’t quite as whisper quiet as the other LELO vibrator motors, so you may want to take that into consideration if there are roommates in the picture…but the hours of pleasure it will provide you will make it all worthwhile.  No shame in your game!

Soraya 2 & Mia 2:

Get both of these and you’ll easily have your new favorite toys…one for home, and one for travel!  The Soraya 2 (pictured, left) is hands down a best seller and a favorite among many who have tried it.  Super luscious silicone and gorgeous ABS Chrome encase internal and external motors in this waterproof classic rabbit vibe taken to 11!  It was actually designed using compiled ultrasound images of the intimate anatomy, so it fills, fits, and hits the clit of more women, more perfectly! 12 settings for intensity and patterns will keep you coming…and coming…back for more.  The Mia 2 (pictured in banner photo) will be your go-to discreet travel vibe.  At not much bigger than a lipstick, and with a built-in USB charger, you wont have to fumble with cords or batteries to take this toy to go!  Don’t let its mighty mini size fool you though, this is more powerful than your average bullet!  With six powerful, pleasing vibration patterns, it’ll be your new nightstand drawer staple!  The Mia 2 is another Online Exclusive, so make sure you get it while it’s hot!  

Sona 2 Cruise:

I’ve gone and saved the best for last.  If the link to the Sona 2 Cruise doesn’t work by the time you find this post, it just means it is out of stock…keep checking back, though, or check your local stores, as this one regularly flies off the shelves for good reason. A sonic clitoral toy…that’s right, it uses sound to vibrate, pulse, and stimulate your super sensitive clit…this one stands high and mighty among other great clit toys like Womanizer and Satisfyer.  If you like those, the Sona 2 Cruise will send you over the moon, and you really have to try it to believe it.  LELO’s own catchphrase about this toy is “Clitorally Mindblowing”…and I couldn’t describe it better myself.  With a wider opening to accommodate more anatomies than past versions of the Sona, and Cruise Control technology that doesn’t shut off when it comes in contact with the body, and will instead release a powerful boost, this is one toy that will give you consistent, amazing, and powerful orgasms!  

We can’t wait to see you soon in a Lover’s Lane store (well, we’ll see your eyes anyway…masks are still required for everyone’s safety!), where you can ask your Romance Specialist more about these luxurious LELO products or any other toys you’re interested in trying!  Lover’s Lane is all about keeping your sex life and self-love life “Always New, Always Exciting”, and we’re proud to partner with premium brands like LELO to make that possible!


~The Intimacy Advisor  

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