Choosing Your First B.O.B.

by Kristin T.

October 1, 2022


Today is National Boyfriend’s Day, and whether you do or do not have a boyfriend to celebrate, we like to honor this date by talking about our other favorite boyfriends…the battery-operated kind! Choosing your first Battery Operated Boyfriend can be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with your options, but there is one just right for every body! Read on for some tips to help you choose a toy that you’ll find yourself happily “dating” for a long time to come!

If you’re a newcomer (pun intended) to the world of sex toys, choosing your first vibe for pleasure time can be a little overwhelming. While not as serious as making decisions in the actual dating and mating arena, investing in your first pleasure object is an important choice! The best part? Since almost all sex toys these days have rechargeable batteries, your new B.O.B. is even lower maintenance than those of yesteryear…and definitely lower maintenance than an actual man! 😛

Does everyone need a sex toy or vibrator to masturbate? Of course not, but many folks find it sure can help! While many women acquire their first sex toy in late teenagerhood or during their college years, plenty don’t buy their first B.O.B. until their late 20s, 30s, or beyond! Don’t feel left out if you’re in that boat…but read on if you’re ready to get ON the boat!

If you have any concerns about your sex drive, your past levels of enjoyment of self-stimulation, or whether or not you’ve experienced a solo orgasm…or if you simply want to spice up your self-pleasure game, a hot new “boyfriend” might be just what you need to take things over the top!

How do you like it?

While sex toys may be new to you, hopefully masturbation isn’t. If you’ve done enough manual exploration and stimulation, you may have a pretty good idea of exactly what you like so you can find a toy to fit that bill. I’ll break these beginner sex toy ideas down into three categories: G-spot/Internal vibes, Clitoral/External vibes, and the best of both worlds…the famous rabbit! Any of the toys below make excellent choices for beginners, or even advanced sex toy aficionados looking for their next perfect plastic pleaser!

Remember, it’s always okay to “date” toys in the process of finding the perfect one for you. Start by purchasing an inexpensive version of the style you have your eye on. Then, once you find the style of stimulation that really does it for you, upgrade your silicone playmate with

Good Vibes Inside: G-Spot & Vaginal Pleasure

If you’ve found you prefer the sensations provided by thrusting P-in-V penetrative sex, or stimulating the sensitive G-spot found on the front wall of your vagina with a come-hither motion of your finger, then an internal vibrator is for you! Here are a few B.O.B.s that are perfect for targeting your inside erogenous zones in new ways that will make you say “Oh!”!

Internal vibes made to target the G-spot should have a slight bend to them, and a wide, buzzy head to hit the spot just right! The G-spot isn’t very far inside your vagina, so they don’t need to be very big; fear not if a huge toy is intimidating to you since you’re just starting out. It’s okay to start small…it’s the curves that matter!

Start out with the simple shape and just-right size of the Beau Vibe. He comes with simple wheel-controlled vibration levels that will tickle and delight your pleasure points without being too overwhelming. The Giamo Vibrator has a tapered tip angled just for the G-spot, and sensual curves to target all the right spots. He’s also waterproof so he loves to play in the bath! If you’re really ready to commit and invest in your pleasure, the Gigi 2 from Lelo (pictured, left) has the perfect flat, buzzy head and powerful vibrations ready to send you into the O-zone. The $149 price tag may seem steep, but the years of amazing pleasure Gigi will bring you will make it absolutely worth it!

Good Vibes Outside: Clitoral Stimulation

If your journey of self-discovery has led you to a preference for playing on the outside, a clitoral vibrator or lay-on vibe to stimulate your clit and labia simultaneously may be the perfect “boy toy” for you! Since the clitoris is the most sensitive spot on most vagina owners, it makes sense to own a vibe made just to tantalize and tease this pleasure center to your heart’s content!

Clitoral toys come in all different shapes, sizes, and even methods of working (vibration, suction, air pulses, etc.) but they are all made for targeting this sensitive bundle of nerve endings to give you your best orgasms ever! Some clit toys are good for laying over your entire vulva…many women find that stimulating the surrounding area amps up clitoral pleasure even more.

Especially for your first sex toy, sometimes a simple bullet vibe is all you need. The Chic Daisy Bullet or Fingerific Bullet both deliver powerful, pinpointed vibrations in a small, discreet package. The iQuiver from Doc Johnson gives you tons of choices for exactly how you want to stimulate your clit with interchangeable heads. If you prefer stimulating your whole vulva when you play outside, the Lay On Rabbit Vibrator or Izzy Clitoral Vibrator (pictured, right) will take good care of you. Try cradling one between your legs as you bump and grind with your fantasy guy. You can even move beyond the realm of the typical vibrator with a kissy clitoral suction toy like the Secret Kisses Rosegasm Twosome (with an insertable massaging shaft for when you’re ready for that), or try stimulating your sweet spot with sound waves using the Lelo Sona!

Best of Both Worlds: Rabbit Vibes

If you’re not exactly sure whether you prefer internal or external stimulation, or you like a little of each, you don’t have to choose. Rabbit-style vibrators have been popular toys for first-timers for ages, and for good reason. With an internal shaft for vaginal insertion and G-spot stimulation PLUS an external arm of “ears” for clitoral stimulation, rabbits really do have it all!

Rabbit vibrators usually have multiple motors and multiple functions, so you can set your bunny boy to please you just the way you like! If you’ve never experienced a blended orgasm or “squirted”, the sensations provided by a rabbit vibe are the most likely to help you get there!

When choosing your first rabbit vibrator, consider what size you are comfortable with first, then focus on the special features you want. The Flutter Rabbit Vibrator or Kinky Bunny Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator are both nice, no-frills B.O.B.s to try for your first time. If you’re ready for more powerful motors (one in each “ear”!) try The Rumbly Rabbit Vibrator (pictured, left). If you prefer a clitoral sensation other than vibration, the Voodoo Beso G Vibrator or the California Dreaming Oceanside Orgasm give your clit little kisses instead! Your new battery-powered bedroom bestie can even provide some sexy thrusting action when you bring home the Rapid Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator or the Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit, perfectly ridged for your pleasure!

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