Eco-conscious Pleasure Products to Tickle Your Green Side

by Colleen G.

April 18, 2022


This Earth Day, it’s easier than ever to be green, and that includes choosing your next pleasure product.

Our favorite sex toy and bedroom accessory brands are making an effort to join the global eco-conscious movement with vibrators, lubricants and other sensual goods that aim to give back to the planet while giving you orgasms. We’ve rounded up some of the sexual wellness world’s most known and loved eco-friendly brands, like Bijoux Indiscrets and Intimate Earth, and some that might surprise you, like Liberator and Womanizer. If you can’t personally plant a tree this Earth Day, you can still do the next best thing – buy a sex toy from a brand that’ll do it for you!

Womanizer Premium Eco

Everyone’s favorite air-pressure clitoral stimulator just went green. Now you can fall in love with the world’s best oral sex simulator all over again with the Womanizer Premium Eco, an Earth-conscious version of the brand’s most popular sex toy.

The Womanizer Premium Eco is everything you already know and love about the Womanizer brand. Naturally, Premium Eco has the same 12 intensity levels you’ve come to expect from a Womanizer Premium. It’s also still USB-rechargeable and now splash-proof.

But here’s the really cool part. Premium Eco is manufactured using Biolene, a bioplastic made from 70% natural materials like corn starch, rendering it biodegradable and recyclable. Its modular design makes for easy disassembly, so when your Premium Eco has delivered its last orgasm, it can be taken apart and safely disposed with your usual household waste.

Premium Eco even has a rechargeable and replaceable battery, meaning your Womanizer doesn’t have to head for the trash if the battery kicks the bucket.

In one final, excellent move for the Earth, the Womanizer company will plant one tree per Premium Eco sold in collaboration with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization working toward global reforestation.

Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm

The company behind Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm – Spanish brand Bijoux Indiscrets – has been dedicated to green manufacturing practices from the start.

All Bijoux Indiscrets packaging and product containers are crafted from recyclable glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic.

Chemicals like silicone, glycerin and other sugars, and colors or fragrances are excluded from the brand’s body-safe, all-natural products. Made with completely natural ingredients and water-based formulas, Bijoux Indiscrets is a vegan brand that cares for your body as much as they care about the planet.

The Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm is exactly what its name suggests: a delicious, thick lip balm with a gentle cooling effect and light mint flavor, made especially for going down on your partner. Slather it generously around your mouth before heading south to give your lover an extra sensuous oral session.

Liberator Positioning Aids & Sex Pillows

Did you know Liberator – the brand behind our popular Black Label Ramp and Hipster sex position cushions – cuts down on manufacturing waste by using their excess pillow foam to make even more pleasure pillows and sex ramp designs? Their giant plush products are also shrink-wrapped with the air removed to make them as small as possible, cutting down on space so they can ship more efficiently and with a smaller carbon footprint.

Now you can literally ramp up your sex position game in good conscience, knowing you’re supporting a brand that goes out of their way to reduce waste materials.

Save your muscles and joints from fatigue and over-straining with creative positioning aids like the Flip Ramp and Heart Wedge. Sex pillows are great for exploring new ways to intertwine your bodies, without the need for uncomfortable and awkward acrobatics.

Le Wand Rose Quartz Crystal Massage Wands

As sex toy trends have shown, Mother Earth is pretty damn good at turning out pleasure products herself. Crystal massage wands have become the next must-have essentials for the serious toy collector and connoisseur.

Luxury pleasure brand Le Wand has just debuted the thick, bulbous Crystal Rose Quartz G-Wand and its slimmer, more slender sister, the Crystal Rose Quartz Slim Wand.

Both crafted in stunningly gorgeous, all-natural Rose Quartz stone, each wand is equipped with a removable, silicone ring for added clitoral stimulation and a beautifully arranged how-to book titled Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools.

While we won’t go too woo-woo spiritual on you, some fans of crystal sex toys swear these motor-less, stone wands almost feel like they’re ‘vibrating’ when incorporated into a mindful, slow session of intentional pleasure.

Intimate Earth Lubricants

Herbal remedies developed from the Earth’s renewable plant resources are a major part of the eco-pleasure movement. Lubricants brand Intimate Earth infuses their water-based, silicone and hybrid fluids as well as their deliciously flavored oral glides and sensually scented massage oils with natural and organic ingredients that soothe and relax the muscles and skin while adding a splash of sensual hydration.

For added comfort during anal play, try Intimate Earth’s Bliss Anal Relaxing Waterbased Glide. All-natural clove oil lends a gentle numbing effect without the need for harsh ingredients like benzocaine or lidocaine, which can potentially lead to skin tears and over-stretching.

The Elite Shiitake Silicone Glide cares for your sensitive sex organs with the healing power of the shiitake mushroom. Shiitake has been shown to improve skin health by restoration of elasticity and reducing inflammation. Vitamin E moisturizes and nourishes while the hybrid silicone blend prevents chafing during external play or penetration.

Get his motor revving – naturally, of course – with Mojo Horny Goat Weed Libido Warming Glide, a warming lubricant that heats up on contact with glycerin and cinnamomum bark extract. Blended with horny goat weed, an herb known for its natural aphrodisiac properties, Mojo Warming Glide is the perfect companion for high-tech strokers or squishy-soft masturbation sleeves. You can read more in-depth info about some of Intimate Earth’s other amazing earth-friendly products here.

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