Get the Pleasure Party Started with Shots Toys

by Colleen G.

May 20, 2022


Most pleasure product brands claim they’ve got ‘something for everyone’, but Shots Toys were dead-serious when they set out to satisfy ALL of your delicious, sexy, and fetish-inspired desires.

From super affordable, luxury-style bondage gear to air-pulse clitoral stimulators to trendy vibrators, Shots Toys doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety. You could stock your entire sex toy drawer with adult accessories from Shots alone and have enough whips and chains, butt plugs, and other orgasm-inducing, battery-powered implements to last an entire year (or least a single weekend, depending on your kink level).

But honestly, don’t take our word for it. Shots Toys’ bountiful brand speaks for itself in this Lover’s Lane-curated list of must-have pleasure accessories. We’ve carefully selected a mix of classic sex toys, BDSM gear, and modern sex-tech tools to round out your bedroom collection.

Discretion Glimmer G-Spot Vibrator

You can never go wrong with a traditional smooth, slim vibe that can please clitorises and G-spots alike.

The Discretion Glimmer G-Spot Vibrator features a flexible, curved head for easy access to your internal hot spot and 10 vibration speeds to keep things interesting. At the base, a bedazzled button of sparkly, clear jewels makes for quick and easy power control and speed changes.

The Discretion Glimmer’s smooth, silicone exterior is also perfect for clitoral stimulation. Add a dollop of water-based lubricant and run the vibe’s soft head across your clit and labia. The vibrator’s slender handle is perfect for fitting in-between bodies for an extra buzz during intercourse, too.

Best of all, Discretion Glimmer lives up to its name. It can be stored and charged in it’s included carrying case, which cleverly resembles a sunglass case to keep outsiders from guessing what’s inside.

Ouch Halo Bondage Gear

Why spring for any old kink gear when you can make a fashion statement while bound and gagged?

These products are the classic Ouch bondage brand from Shots America with a unique mod makeover. The Halo line of vegan leather BDSM accessories – which includes a leash and collar set, versatile wrist or ankle cuffs, a pair of thigh cuffs, an eyemask, and a breathable ball gag – blend comfortable, beginner-friendly bondage with trendy jewelry design.

Crafted from dark teal-green straps with gold metal buckles and clasps, you’ll be tempted to wear the collar out to the bar as a choker necklace, or find a way to work the thigh cuffs into your next club outfit. This bondage line is simply too gorgeous to leave at home!

Don’t forget the matching impact play props, too. Complete your beautiful kinky kit with the Halo Slapper Paddle or the Halo Flogger. They’re both sure to be a hit!

Bring the Ouch Halo collection to your next BDSM meet-up or kink party and you’ll be the belle of the fetish ball.

Sono No. 90 Self Motion Butt Plug

Want a dirty, sexy little secret that you can hide in broad daylight? Wear the Sono No. 90 Self Motion Butt Plug on your next date and whisper in your lover’s ear to let them know what you’re hiding.

Small enough for brand-new booty beginners and comfortable enough to discreetly wear underneath pants or a skirt, the Sono butt plug can truly do it all, and without batteries to boot.

Sono features two, small anal bead-style bumps for subtle stimulation. The larger of the two beads disguises Sono’s own little secret: a rolling, metal ball that moves around in a hollow chamber, sending all-natural vibrations up Sono’s shaft as you move and groove.

To get Sono rolling, ask your partner for a good spanking, or try lightly jogging around the house or ascending some stairs. You’ll see why Sono’s self-motion technology doesn’t need a motor to get you moving!

Switch by Shots Interchangeable Vibrator Kits

The Shots Toys sexperts have whipped up a solution for the decision-impaired sex toy consumer. Meet the Switch by Shots kits, a pair of interchangeable vibrator sets to keep all your pleasure parts and partner(s) happy, even during the same play session if you prefer.

The Switch by Shots Kit 5 includes three interchangeable heads that attach to a powered, 10-speed base. Swap out your stimulation style between a slender, curved G-spot attachment; a classic, massage wand-style head; and an air-pulse, clitoral suction head. The 10-speed base is also lined with stimulating, silicone bristles on one side and a ribbed ring on the other. How could you ever get bored?

The Switch by Shots Kit 6 ups the taboo factor with dual-stimulators and anal toys. The 10-speed base – which also doubles as a bullet vibrator – can connect to a ribbed, anal-T plug; a classic, rabbit-style toy to blend vaginal and clitoral stimulation; or a curved, multi-use attachment with a flat, winged head for broad vibrations across the vulva or under the testicles and head of the penis.

Both kits include a silky, soft blindfold and a tiny feather tickler so you can add a side of seductive sensation play to your toy time.

Ouch Intermediate Bondage Kit

Unsure of where to start on your kinky Shots Toys journey? The Ouch Intermediate Bondage Kit can be ordered straight to you doorstep with everything you need for a delightfully decadent evening of BDSM.

Designed for comfort for bondage newbies with a few spicy twists for the more experienced, this kit of all things kink doesn’t skimp on the dirty details.

The Ouch Intermediate Bondage Kit arrives with a breathable ball gag; a set of plush leather handcuffs; a set of plush leather leg cuffs; a Satin eye mask; a flogger; an 11-inch feather tickler; 10 meters of BDSM rope; a hogtie connector; nipple clamp jewelry; and a plush collar and leash.

If all those fetish goodies don’t set you up for an entire evening’s worth of fun, we honestly don’t know what will – but you’re welcome to browse the entire selection of Shots bondage gear and toys while you figure it out. Toys from shots are bound to hit the mark every time!

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