Kisses Without the Mistletoe

by Colleen G.

December 8, 2023


(Suction Vibes, Air Pulse Stimulators, and other “Clit Kisser” Toys for XXXmas)

This Christmas season, lock your bedroom doors and hide the mistletoe, because you definitely don’t want your kids to catch ‘mommy kissing Santa Claus’ with one of Lover’s Lane’s signature clitoral sex toys!

Indulge yourself or a partner with an air-pulse, suction pleasure toy this year. Nothing says “I care about your pleasure and your pleasure alone” like a sex toy that knows exactly how to find the clit and massage it with expert-level techniques.

If you’re new to the air-pulse game, grab one of the below sex toys to start your clit collection, or show your lover just how much you care that she gets off with a gift that’s all about doing exactly what she wants.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite, Lover’s Lane-approved clitoral suction sex toys to revolutionize the way you think about kisses under the mistletoe this Christmas.

Blowman The Snowman Air Pulse Massager

Honestly, how could we not open a Christmas-themed sex toy blog without a snow man-shaped clit stimulator?

The ridiculously adorable and festive Blowman the Snowman Air Pulse Massager could double as a holiday bedroom decoration once you’re satisfied by his 10 modes of suction and pulsation. Just don’t let your kids get a hold of him as they wonder why mommy got a new Christmas toy and they didn’t!

Black Womanizer Premium 2

When it comes to air-pulse, suction-style clitoral stimulators, nothing beats the original classic: the Womanizer Premium 2 in classic, striking black.

The OG Womanizer needs no frills to thrill. From the brand that literally founded the air-pulse sex toy category, the Womanizer has everything you need to experience the ultimate in oral sex simulation.

Womanizer Premium features 14 intensity levels of easily controllable suction, but if you’re the type to love a tease, try out the Premium’s autopilot function, which switches up the patterns and speeds to keep you guessing until you can’t stave off an orgasm.

Plus, Womanizer Premium has Smart Silence technology, so your sex toy will switch off as soon as it’s removed from bodily contact. No more awkward moments for folks who share a home!

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise X Flora + Bast Arousal Collection

Every sex toy brand worth its salt has taken a whack at creating their own version of the air-pulse vibrator, and LELO’s SONA 2 Cruise delivers as beautifully as any luxury design from this high-end brand.

We particularly love LELO’s gift-able version of the SONA 2 Cruise, which includes a bottle of APHRODISIA, an intimate arousal oil containing 300mg of blood flow-enhancing CBD and 300mg of CBG. These 2 chemical components of the cannabis plant promise enhanced sexual energy, increased sensation and pleasure, and extra lubrication.

This lovely, little kit, which is obviously perfect as a Xmas gift for your partner, also includes a digital download of ‘Becoming Cliterate’ by Dr. Laurie Mintz, an award-winning book covering orgasm equality, body image, and owning your sexuality.

We-Vibe Melt Massager

Pretty much everything produced by the We-Vibe brand becomes an instant hit with our customers, and the We-Vibe Melt Massager is no exception.

The Melt mixes clever sex-tech capabilities with what we hear is one of the strongest suction toys on the market. Connect Melt to your smart phone and swipe your way through 12 intensity levels.

For long-distance couples or traveling partners on the go, you can allow your lover to control your Melt from afar via their own smart phone app. When you’re together, Melt also makes an excellent sex toy to slip between your legs during partner sex due to its flat, slender design.

Fantasy For Her – Ultimate Pleasure Pro

Now here’s where things get a little crazy, but in a really, really good way.

Most air-pulse suction toys focus on the clit and they do so via suction only. We’re mostly cool with that because the clitoris has been ignored for far too long, and air pulsations are a stimulation style that’s worth their weigh in gold alone.

But the Fantasy For Her – Ultimate Pleasure Pro? Let’s just say this toy goes big and intends on never going home.

The Ultimate Pleasure Pro from Pipedream Fantasy for Her engages all your goodies at once. This wild-looking orgasmic contraption suctions to your entire vulva while a mini tongue laps up-and-down across your clitoris while buzzing in 7 unique speeds. Then an angled, vibrating arm pulls a reach-around on your G-spot with 10 vibration modes.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! These orgasms will snatch your soul straight from your body.

Love Essentials Blown Away Suction Vibe

For babes and gift-givers on a budget, the Love Essentials Blown Away Suction Vibe is the perfect, little air-pulse toy that’s small enough to stuff your lover’s stocking.

Travel-friendly and discreet, the Blown Away Suction Vibe features 10 modes of suction in a palm-sized package that’s super affordable at just $59. It’s a perfect inexpensive classy, sassy little something to throw under the tree for Christmas morning – just how we like it at Lover’s Lane!

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