You Can Leave Your (Santa) Hat On

by Christopher J.

December 8, 2023


For any men who doubted the power of doing a striptease for their woman, all questions were ripped away when the film Magic Mike jumped and gyrated onto movie screens in 2012. The movie grossed $167,221,571 worldwide from a modest $7 million budget and went on to become the top-grossing movie within the ”dance” genre.

The two sequels of the film based on lead actor Channing Tatum’s life as a male stripper before hitting it big in Hollywood did not fare quite as well at the box off but still were successful. Magic Mike’s Last Dance grabbed $57 million worldwide. And they certainly scored well with women who packed theaters throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Though not as likely to admit they had seen the film, many men found ways to view all three Magic Mikes as instructional guides on how to tease and turn on their female – or male – partner by slowly and stylishly removing all of their clothing. Because, hey, who doesn’t like to sit back, relax and get turned on by their partner doing a private striptease, emphasis on the tease.

“There are few acts in the world sexier than a striptease,” declares a 2019 article in Men’s Health entitled “How to Perform a Sexy Striptease Like Magic Mike.” “When the subtle art is mastered, it can be the ultimate form of foreplay, arousing your partner with both mystery and anticipation.”

Written by Zachary Zane, the article offers tips from three male burlesque performers on how to master the tantalizing erotic art of striptease. They offer four great basic starting points for the fledgling stripper, all of which are very realistic and achievable.

Number one: Take it slow.

“The key word is tease,” says Milo Pony, performer and co-director of Members Only Boylesque. “Teasing creates tension and builds anticipation. Nowadays, with instant gratification at our fingertips, it’s necessary to slow things down. Don’t be afraid to take your time and enjoy it.”

Second, don’t be afraid to make it funny.

Even if you work out at the fitness center every day, you probably don’t have the skills of Tatum. “But unless your partner is delusional, they’re not expecting you to hit his moves with the same skill and grace,” Zane states. “Since you’re untrained and not going to be able to twerk upside down in the air while doing multiple hip thrusts, lean into being humorous.”

In the article, burlesque performer Jason Waterfalls says he typically performs comedic routines because he believes that nothing is sexier than a man who can be silly while trying to seduce.

“A playful nature translates to a fun time in bed,” Waterfalls observes. “So when you remove that glove with your teeth, give a growl and shake the glove like a dog with a chew toy.”

Third, Let go of judgment.

“I would say that any guy trying to seduce their partner should let go of self judgment first, and just have fun with it,” advises burlesque performer Jack Barrow. “Because if you’re having fun, your partner will too.”

Try to remember that your partner is not judging you harshly, either. She doesn’t expect you to be perfect, so don’t worry about trying to be. You’re having fun seducing her, and she’s just enjoying the show! Let what comes naturally happen, and make little adjustments based on your partner’s reaction. You’ll be able to tell exactly what’s getting her attention and turning her on – just do more of that!

Fourth, striptease is supposed to be fun and entertaining, not pornographic.

Try not to make it too sexually graphic. Perform your dance with finesse, subtlety, and precision, Zane says. Tossing your junk in the breeze and repeatedly shoving your crotch into the viewer’s face isn’t a true striptease.

“Being graphically sexual can come off as crass and too aggressive,” Waterfalls states.

According to Waterfalls, being sensual typically is foreign to many men, because it’s not an art usually taught to men, and cultural norms dictate that men interpret being sexy as “engaging in more traditionally masculine and aggressive sexual behaviors.”

“That’s just not the case for a striptease, which is why Jason suggests letting go of what you perceive to be manly and embracing all other aspects of your sexuality,” Zane explains.

Practice makes perfect.

If you would like to slip sensually even deeper into performing a professional prance and peel at home for your partner, provides a detailed Striptease Guide: How to Give a Striptease in 8 Steps.

  1. Choose your costume. The longer it takes to remove your clothes, the more anticipation you can build, especially for foreplay. Lots of small pieces like bow ties, vests, etc. make it lots of fun. Hats make great props to play with.
  2. Make a great playlist. Your song or playlist will set the mood and provide time cues if you have choreography. In general, a striptease can range in length from three to ten minutes long, so you’ll likely need one or two songs. Select a genre that makes you feel good and fits your personality —remember, it’s your striptease.
  3. Set the scene. Light candles or use light fixtures with dimmers and lampshades for soft, romantic lighting. If you happen to have a disco ball or colorful party light, now’s the time to let it shine!
  4. Commit to it. The costume, playlist, and scenery aren’t just for your audience. All these elements can help you get into character. Part of the fun of burlesque can be exploring another side of your personality.
  5. Use eye contact. When performing for an audience, your eyes can be a tool for both connection and teasing. Prolonged eye contact shows confidence. Try staring into just one eye instead of darting back and forth.
  6. Go slowly. In addition to wearing a costume that takes longer to remove, remember to take off each item very slowly to build anticipation.
  7. Learn from a professional. If you want to take your dance moves to the next level, take a striptease class or watch a professional burlesque dancer do their routine.
  8. Practice. Don’t expect to execute a flawless striptease on your first try. If you want to impress your partner, you’ll need to practice until you feel comfortable and have all of your moves down.

If it would help you to watch an expert ecdysiast take it all off with flare – and you haven’t seen any of the Magic Mike franchise (wink, wink) – check out this YouTube video from the Adonis Dance Academy: “How To Tease & Seduce Women | Learn The Male Stripping Art Of Seduction.”

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