Liberate your Love Life with Liberator

by Colleen G.

March 22, 2022


Sex toys are wonderful for enhancing your solo and couples play, but why stop there? There’s a whole world of adult accessories to bring a novel touch to your love life.

Upgrade your position game and lend your toy collection a helping hand with Liberator ramps, wedges, and light kink gear. This stellar brand of positioning aid cushions gives your saggy bedtime pillows a rest from their side gig as solo sex assistants or impromptu pelvis lifters.

Liberator products are made of soft yet sturdy foam and covered in skin-friendly, washable fabrics, so you can go to town – whether solo or coupled – while getting a gentle lift into new and pleasurable sex positions.

The best part is that Liberator’s sex wedges and ramps function just as sensually and effectively for all genders, sexual preferences, and shapes, sizes and weights.

Check out some of our favorites for bumping, grinding and rising your hips to the occasion from this tried-and-true brand of luxury sex position pillows.

Liberator Heart Wedge

Liberator’s classic Heart Wedge design is a perfect starting point for your sex pillow collection.

This small, basic wedge is compact enough to fit anywhere in your bedroom and discreet enough to be disguised among your bedroom décor.

With just enough boost to lift your hips for the perfect addition to missionary or easier access for doggy style, the Heart Wedge is great for couples seeking exploration without committing to a high price tag or bulky sex furniture.

Liberator Ramp and Wedge with Restraints

Dedicate your next big box purchase to the Liberator Ramp And Wedge With Restraints, a combination of Liberator’s two, best-selling sex positioners (the Black Label Wedge and the Black Label Ramp) with added wrist and ankle cuffs that attach to either piece.

Prefer your kink on the lighter side? Liberator’s Ramp and Wedge kit provides everything you need to create the perfect, soft BDSM scene: furry, flexible cuffs with easy on-and-off clips, a cozy blindfold to maintain the sexual tension, and two different shapes and styles of sexual positioning wedges that offer your sexy parts up for the pleasuring.

Combine the Ramp and Wedge designs however your naughty hearts desire and discover sex positions you never thought possible, without all the muscle strain!

Liberator Pulse

Flying solo, or want to put on a show for your partner? The Liberator Pulse is a sex toy lover’s dream, and the ideal stage to put on a pleasure performance of epic proportions, both during partner play or while gazing at your hot self in the mirror alone.

Liberator Pulse is like no other sex pillow we’ve seen. The Pulse is a ride-on, saddle-style positioning pillow & sex toy mount that’s made just for rocking and grinding.

Pulse has pockets for two sex toys of your choice, however you prefer to get off. Liberator fans particularly love popping a dildo into the top, upward facing pocket and using the 2nd, lateral pocket to hold a bullet vibrator against their clitoris while they thrust and hump.

Creative couples can also use Pulse together for hands-free vibration or double penetration with a sex toy during intercourse.

Liberator Tula

Oh, so you thought Liberator was going to forget the gays when designing sex wedges for couples? Oh, hell no! This inclusive brand adores offering something for everyone.

The Liberator Tula tangos especially well for two and elevates girl/girl grinding to new heights.

Tula is an elongated wedge made for grinding, humping and thrusting. Tula is equipped with two pockets: a top pocket for medium to large-sized vibrators and dildos, and a side pocket that can tackle the weight and rumble of a large, wand-style vibe.

Although Tula can be an enticing toy holder for any couple or solo, Liberator created this unique wedge especially for lesbians. Poke your favorite sex toys into Tula’s love pockets and leave your hands to wander while Tula does all the dirty work.

Liberator Hipster

Enhance your body’s natural curves with Liberator Hipster, a sex wedge that makes arching your back, lifting your hips, and opening your legs a cinch.

Hipster’s contours take all the pressure off your muscles and joints, so your partner can angle those hips for prime G or P-spot stimulation. Roll over on your back and let Hipster’s angled shape support your head during a flying-V position, or switch things up with a little 69-ing that won’t wreck your necks.

When you’re done doing the deed, Hipster doubles as a practical and comfy lounge pillow while you scroll on your phone or work from your laptop.

Check out these and all of our other great Liberator products on Most items feature images of positions you can try with that piece, but these are just a jumping-off point. The only real limit to what you can achieve with these body-friendly, liberating pieces is your imagination!

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