Movember Pleasure: Pleasing Your P-Spot

by Colleen G.

November 23, 2023


You can’t focus on men’s sexual wellness without mentioning the prostate, an organ that’s responsible for both physical wellness and pleasure.

Also known as the P-spot, this small, round gland sits just below the bladder and surrounds the top of the urethra. The prostate produces seminal fluid, which nourishes and helps to transport the sperm during ejaculation.

What your doctor might not tell you, though, is that massaging the prostate can produce incredible orgasms, sometimes without even stroking your penis. While we recommend exploring the location of your prostate with your finger, it can be even easier with an anal toy to help give you some extra reach and stimulation.

If you’re new to butt play, follow our list of prostate toys to work your way up from the tiniest of butt plugs to more advanced anal gadgets.

Just don’t forget the lube! Your bum doesn’t produce it’s own lubrication, so you’ll need to slather on plenty of water-based lube any time you’re putting something up your bum. Too much is never enough to keep your rectum slippery and safe from discomfort or injury.

Anal Quest 4-Piece Graduated Anal Plug Set

If you’ve scarcely stuck so much as a finger up your butt, it’s best to start out slow, and folks, we’re talking tortoise-speed slow. The anus can stretch like crazy after years of play, but sizing up too quickly can cause tearing, bleeding, and even a visit to the hospital (not even close to kidding!).

Find the smallest possible butt plug, make sure it’s got a flared base for safety, and slather on a ridiculous amount of water-based lubricant like Pjur Infinity Water-Based Lubricant .

The Anal Quest 4-Piece Graduated Anal Plug Set features some of the tiniest, most slender butt plugs we’ve ever seen, making it a fantastic and budget-friendly buy for beginners.

Booty Buddies Silicone P-Spot 3-Piece Plug Set

Once you’ve gotten use to the feeling of a plug comfortably sliding into your b-hole, take the unique shape of a prostate plug out for a spin.

We like the Booty Buddies Silicone P-Spot 3 Piece Plug Set because it offers the option to start with a super small p-spotter, which is essential when trying a new type or shape of butt toy.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

The Aneros brand is a fan favorite for prostate plugs that get the job done simply, effectively, and with pleasure and comfort above all.

Aneros lovers dig the slender, perfectly curved shape of the Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager for long-term wear, like when you’re feeling kinky enough to keep your p-spot plug in during a date.

B-Vibe 360 Prostate Plug With Remote

If you’ve already tried vibration (and who hasn’t at this point?) and are on the hunt for the next big thing in butt play, the B-Vibe 360 Prostate Plug With Remote has a little secret up its sleeve.

Click through the buttons on the remote control to discover rumbly vibrations in the toy’s base and 6 speeds of 360 rotation in the head. Your prostate never had it so good, hands-free style!

Gender X True Blue Thrusting T-Shape Vibrator

Let your sex toy do all the work while leaving your fingers open to touch your partner or stroke your hard-on.

The Gender X True Blue Thrusting T-Shape Vibrator takes care of the in-and-out movements all on its own while simultaneously vibrating and massaging your taint with a mini-thruster located on the toy’s handle.

Hugo Remote Prostate Massager

If you’ve ever had trouble locating or stimulating your P-spot, Hugo can lend a motorized hand (or two!).

The crème de la crème of prostate toys, the Hugo Remote Prostate Massager is a powerful, dual-motor anal toy that rumbles against your prostate on the inside and your perineum on the outside.

Take control of Hugo’s wireless remote controller to cycle through multiple speeds and patterns that’ll rumble you into P-spot pleasure land.

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