Oral Sex Secrets for your 6/9 Celebration

by Christopher J.

June 8, 2024


In his song “If 6 Was 9,” Jimi Hendrix meant that perspective is everything, varies for everyone, and all views are equally valid. Kind of a hippie mantra, but when applied to peace, love, and oral sex, it works, too. So, whether you’re into having your lover stand at attention so you can give him mouth to south resuscitation via deep knob gobbling or you thrive on sliding downtown with your girl for a bikini burger and thighs, sharing those oral delights represents an ideal way for bed buds to celebrate 6/9/24.

Before you get down to fooling around or spin around and choose the grand erotic inversion diversion, however, you should know for certain that your partner enjoys giving you a blowjob or licking your pussy. Although oral sex is much more popular in couples’ sex lives than it was prior to the 20th century, the fact that it is one of the most personal, intimate acts humans can do with each other’s bodies means that there are many who enjoy the acts of fellatio or cunnilingus.

Conversely, some people just do not dig genital kissing, as Alan Hunt and Bruce Curtis labeled it in their research study “A Genealogy of the Genital Kiss: Oral Sex in the Twentieth Century” in the summer issue of The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality 2006. They don’t like the taste, the smell or the texture of getting up and close and personal with a penis or a vagina. It may even stimulate their gag reflex, which is never a pleasant sensation. While there are some tasty products that can help make it more tolerable for some, it’s also possible your partner will never be into it.

Make Sure to Share the Slobbering

There is no law that says oral sex must be performed by lovemaking partners. But there should be a law that anyone engaging in oral sex always thoroughly enjoy it! Whether you’re doing the giving or receiving…or both at the same time…both parties should benefit from the experience, which is all the more pertinent when 69ing.

“They are feeling the stimulation in a highly pleasurable erogenous zone due to the abundance of nerve endings in the penis,” she says board-certified sex educator Linnea Marie of blowjobs in a Cosmo article providing expert advice for oral enthusiasts published earlier this year. “Visually, the pleasure also comes from watching the person perform.”

While the ultimate pleasure payoff might not be as intense for the blower as for the blowee, it can still be fun and rewarding in a different way, if the slobber jobber really brings enthusiasm to their task and gets into the orgasmic gift they’re providing their lover. “Many enjoy the feeling of power and control associated with pleasuring their partner,” Marie continues.

The latter is one reason the person giving suck often prefers it when the person on the explosion end of the act is sitting or lying down. This leads to one good tip: Unless you’re both into BDSM and making it rough on purpose, avoid grabbing the giver’s head and shoving your cock down their throat. This act can make it feel like they’re being used. Let the giver take it at their pace so they can enjoy their position of control as they watch what they are giving with their mouth and tongue drive your joy stick wild.

Take Time Traveling the Length of Your Lover’s Labia

In commemoration of Oral Sex Day 2024 happening on 6/9, of course, one partner should be spending some serious time treasuring clam diving down in Bushtown. Remember, as the old adage goes, to give is to receive. So, this year, do a little thoughtful preparation to refine your cunning lingual skills so that you can give your lover a delicious adult happy meal. Or as Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler croons in “Walk This Way,” “You ain’t seen nothing ‘Till you’re down on a muffin, Then you’re sure to be a-changin’ your ways.”

So here are a few muff munching tips for you hungry fur burger fanatics: First and furmost, Take. Your. Time. While a man can go from zero to 7 inches in seconds flat, just by seeing an enticing swimsuit edition magazine cover, those equipped with a vulva are more slow burners, confirms Jamie, the author of “18 Cunnilingus Tips and Techniques for Explosive Orgasms” for Kink Lovers.

“Women are turned on slowly as their arousal builds,” she says. “Even if she is wet and wild and ready to go fast, she can always go higher. Did you know that women rarely reach their potential height of arousal? Similarly, even if she’s not really in the mood, you can get her in the mood by taking your time.”

For Jamie, one of the most impactful tongue-lashing tips, she instructs, is: “Barely touch her. Just kiss her on the thighs, tease her lips a little, flick her clit gently, and better yet, start while she’s still dressed. Don’t move her panties aside until they’re already soaked.”

Use Your Oral Sex Tools to the Fullest

Another key guideline to remember when performing moss mumbling for your partner is to work that girly bits kissing equipment of yours to the max. Don’t just lick. LICK. Use long, slow licks and mix in quick flicks of your tongue. Nibble. Suck. Tease with your teeth and lips. Work your way up to sustained, rhythmic licking. Spend time tickling, tonguing and sucking her clit. In other words, make her moan or go home.

Include your fingers in this game of labia loving. Reach up and stimulate her nipples, use them to lightly rub her clit, reach underneath and massage her butt – or gently finger her derriere, if she likes that – and certainly make sure your adoringly inquisitive digits find their way inside her vagina. Feel free to use sex toys, too.

In her most informative pussy pleasuring article, Jamie advises doing a little clit tapping: “Tapping techniques can add rhythm and variety to cunnilingus. You can also try slapping gently with the palm of your hand over her whole vulva. You can ‘spank’ her pussy to bring extra blood flow to the area, for increased sensitivity and arousal.” Remember, though, gentle wins the day, unless otherwise requested by the box lunch recipient.

Now it’s time to get down and get busy! Happy Oral Sex Day!

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