What’s Your Partner’s Pet Personality?

by Kristin T.

May 2, 2021


Maybe you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a fish & reptiles & other exotic animals person…or maybe you’re not into pets at all!  Have you ever noticed, though, that sometimes people can act a whole lot like a certain type of pet, even if they don’t have or want any pets themselves?

May 2nd – 8th is National Pet Week!  To celebrate, let’s take a look at this little personality & relationship theory I’ve developed.  Consider it like the Love Languages for animal lovers…although you don’t even have to like your animal type to “be” that one!  Have fun reading the descriptions and figuring out which one applies to you and your partner!  When you think about how you both behave and interact, you may see that we’re not as different from our animal friends as we may think!

1. Dogs

This personality type is defined by a deep appreciation for physical affection and quality time.  A “Dog Lover” has a hard time being truly happy unless they’re around their partner as much as possible.  Sure, they can find ways to entertain themselves solo, but they are definitely happier in the company of their love.  They love kissing, cuddling, playing together, and long romantic walks together.  Dog Lovers tend to have lots of very apparent “favorite things”, and you are definitely the most important one!

Maintaining a relationship with a Dog personality type can feel like a lot of work.  They tend to be needier than the other pet types, but your return on investment is the biggest.  Dog Lovers are loyal to a fault and will do anything they can for you.  As long as you pay attention to them and spend lots of time together, you will enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.  Just make sure not to do anything that would injure their trust in you…you may be quite literally their whole world.

2. Cats

“Cat Lovers” are almost as affectionate as Dog Lovers, but with more of an independent streak.  They like snuggles and playtime with their favorite person, but also enjoy having plenty of time alone to recharge their batteries.  If your partner likes to spend hours reading, surfing the internet, or napping when they’re alone, but is super happy to see you and smother you with love when you get home, you may be in love with a Cat person.  Frisky felines may have a higher sex drive than some types.  They may also tend to be into kink or BDSM more than others…it’s their way of demonstrating their playful nature and bringing out those claws at the same time!

Cat people are finicky just like their feline counterparts, so consider yourself lucky if a cat person has chosen you as a life partner.  They have high standards, and they can get a little snippy if they don’t get their way!  Cat lovers require time and care, and plenty of physical attention.  Stop meeting their needs and they’ll turn up their tails and run.  As long as you and your relationship continue to check all their boxes, though, they will stay purr-fectly satisfied with your love.

3. Rabbits

Rascally “Rabbit Lovers” get their most noticeable personality trait from the “getting at it like rabbits” stereotype.  Seriously, these folks are horny AF!  If your lover thinks about you, sexts you, and sends you (probably naked) pictures of themselves when you’re not together, then can’t wait to ravage you the second you join them, you may be dating and mating with a Rabbit Lover!  And while real rabbits in nature may have sex to make as many babies as possible, Rabbit people (probably) aren’t in it for the offspring.  They just really love making love!

Rabbit types may come across as shy or skittish at first.  You have to work to earn their trust, but it will be worth it…especially if you have a high sex drive, too!  Rabbit Lovers have a silly streak and a bit of a prankster personality.  They will find the most joy in your date nights, especially if you let them surprise you with the planning.  Seeing new things, exploring new places, and trying new foods really turn them on!  Rabbit types usually have a strong fear of abandonment, though.  As long as you prove to them through your words and actions that you’re not going anywhere, you’ll have a lovable and loyal partner for life.

4. Birds

The “Bird Lover” personality types may seem cold, aloof, or even egotistical at first, but crack that shell and you’ll reveal a sweet, snuggly partner who likes you even more than they like flying solo.  Sure, they may like to primp, preen, and look at themselves in the mirror a lot, but they are mostly doing that to attract and impress their lover.  Their partner is super important to them, and they get very lonely when they can’t be with you.

Just like many birds in nature, Bird Lovers almost always plan to mate for life.  It’s important for you to work to maintain their affections for you, and to not betray their trust.  Birds of a feather flock together.  Bird people stay with the people they stay with because they have lots of common interests…there’s always so much to talk about!  Love a Bird Lover and you’ll never get bored!

5. Snakes (or other reptiles)

If you’ve always been attracted to bad boys, naughty girls, or just those that go against the grain, you may have yourself a “Snake Lover” for a partner.  Snake people are definitely unique, but that’s how they slither their way into your heart.  There’s a very warm heart under that thick skin and badass exterior.  Snake Lovers present themselves in a way that attracts some and terrifies others, and they like it that way!  If you are loving enough to see through the scary parts, they’ll have you wrapped in no time!

A Snake Lover may come across as sneaky or untrustworthy at first, but once you get to know them, you’ll learn they only have your best interests at heart…especially if you treat them well.  Snake or reptile people love to relax.  They are satisfied if they just get to spend an entire weekend lounging, but they’d rather do it with the one they love.  Snake Lovers may require a little extra effort to turn that cold-blooded chill into red hot passion in the bedroom, but when you do turn them on, they will go all out!

6. Fish

Our final pet personality type is the Fish!  Fish Lovers are playful and loyal, but not as heavily attention-seeking as a Dog Lover.  If you’ve ever found yourself just watching your lover do their thing and wondering what’s going through their head, you may have a Fish for a life partner!  Their unique but entrancing personality attracts many admirers, but they’ll only give you the time of day if they’re really into you.

Fish Lovers are a mystery wrapped in an enigma.  They thrive on routine but are also fine going with the flow.  They love to entertain and be entertained, or they can be content with doing nothing at all.  Fish Lovers are usually pretty low-maintenance, but they do have powerful emotional needs.  If their partner just isn’t doing it for them, they’ll quickly lose interest and move along (there are plenty of fish in the sea, am I right?).  Keeping a relationship with a Fish Lover balanced takes some effort, but spending a happy lifetime with this free-spirited flirt will always prove worth it!

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