How to Treat Your Lover to a Tantalizing Massage

by Erica G.

May 8, 2021


May is Massage Month – but that shouldn’t be the only reason you are interested in getting your hands all over your lover! With a bit of passion and practice, every month can become massage month. Sharing an intimate massage with your partner is a perfect way to show them how you feel ANY time of year!  Read on for some basics to help you up your confidence and treat your lover to a relaxing & titillating erotic massage.

1. Learn the proper techniques.

Touching your partner can be teasing and fun, but the strength of our sexy massage tips is to employ techniques that can also help relax, de-stress and help connect with the other person. Don’t worry about being a pro; just know that touching your partner lovingly creates intimacy and builds comfort. If you’re new to giving a massage, try these three basic motions:

Kneading: Gently lift and squeeze areas where tension might build, think shoulders, arms, thighs…but don’t forget sometimes tension can be relieved by relaxing muscles in other parts of the body too- like the butt and lower back. This is less of a pinch motion than just gathering skin and muscle in your hands and using your fingers to apply some pressure to the area.

Stroking: Keep your fingers together, palms down, and make long, gentle motions along the back, thighs, neck, and feet. Going slowly, especially over sensitive areas can build the sexual tension quickly, or can create tingles that may reach to the toes.

Compression: Lay one hand flat and press the other on top in slow rotations all across the body. This deeper tissue pressure may be too much in some areas of the body, so be sure to communicate and find out what feels best with whomever you massage.

Focus on the smoothness of each technique, and on seamless transitions from motion to motion.  Do the best you can to maintain some contact between your hands and your lover’s body at all times.  If you’re tense, your partner will feel the tension too, and the sensuality of the massage is sure to be disrupted. That being said, this is about having fun, so don’t freak out over getting it exactly perfect – just pay attention to both of your bodies and follow what feels good.

An easy rule of thumb to follow would be to remember what you think feels good when you receive a massage from a professional massage therapist, and to copy that motion.  If you somehow haven’t had a professional massage yet, get to it!  Not only do they feel awesome; there are plenty of therapeutic reasons massage is great for your body

2. Travel your way along the entire body.

Try not to ignore any parts of the body while giving a massage.  Make sure you have time to really focus on the other person, again finding out what areas they like being touched and with what levels of pressure.  It may sound obvious, but don’t forget about the hands and feet! Giving these overworked body parts a relaxing rub helps to alleviate the pent-up pressures from a long day. You don’t necessarily need to start with the back – choose whatever feels right, and enjoy exploring everywhere!

A fun byproduct of your new massage skills? Your partner’s body will be primed for arousal! Focusing on erogenous zones, the penis, breasts, thighs, and butt helps aid in the buildup of sexual excitement, and can lead to foreplay or sex, another great stress reliever that you can’t get at the drug store!

3. Know the power of the right massage oil.

Still not confident your massage technique is perfect?  Become a pro with a little help from a very important (and slippery) friend – massage oil.  It reduces friction and prevents your skin from sticking together, which can cause uncomfortable stops and starts.  You’ll develop a seamlessly smooth glide by adding oil, and remember…a little bit goes a long way!

When using massage oil, don’t just immediately pour it on your partner’s body. If you pour it into your hands first, it will naturally warm the oil up. Cold sensations can be fun, but also kind of jarring.  Warming the oil heightens the sensation of your touch and enhances the relaxation of your partner.

Certain massage oils and fragrances have specific properties that can help boost your erotic massage as well. Lavender and almond scents help you relax, sandalwood boosts libido, and coconut is a great stress-reducer.

4. Throw in a toy or two.

In addition to massage-specific tools like the Massage Love Roller Ball Massage Glove, adding some toys usually reserved for sex or masturbation into your intimate massage can take it to the next level.

Powerful wand massagers like the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager or the Lelo Smart Wand can be used creatively on tight muscles all over the body.  Those vibrations feel a whole different kind of good when you move on to the sexier regions of the body, too!

Take the time this month to experiment with giving (and receiving) a massage from your partner, and find out what feels best. We could all use a little time for some zen and relaxation in our lives and with our lovers.  Erotic massage can be a great way to jump start your sex life as well, since things can get pretty intimate quickly once you and your partner de-stress and spend some quality time pleasing each other. Happy Massage Month!

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