Myths & Facts: Penile Ponderings

by Kristin T.

August 8, 2021


Between the very common questions we are asked in Lover’s Lane stores, and the frequency of searches for topics like this on the internet, we know that guys have a lot of questions about their members.  Read on as we bust or confirm some commonly concocted cock tales, and get the real scoop about how your penis works, and how you may even be able to help it work better for you when it comes to sex.

Myth #1:  Penis pumps can enlarge your penis.

This one is mostly false, but there is a little bit of truth behind it.  Penis pumps (or vacuum erection devices, if we’re getting technical) CAN make your erection appear and feel larger, but the effect is usually temporary.  Penis pumps actually started as a commonly recommended medical intervention for erectile dysfunction, or ED.  Penis pumps can be a life saver…or at least a pride saver…for men who suffer from this condition.  Penis pumps work by using vacuum suction or changes in water pressure to draw more blood flow to the penis, helping it to swell and making it easier to get and maintain an erection.  The blood vessels in your penis fill with blood making your penis temporarily bigger and harder.  Immediately after using a penis pump, your penis may appear girthier or even a little bit longer, but this is a temporary gain.  Either way, penis pumps can make it possible for men with ED to have & enjoy penetrative sex again without issue; some doctors may even be able to prescribe a penis pump as treatment for ED, so speak to your urologist or PC if you have this concern.  Penis pumps may frequently be recommended in conjunction with ED medication like Viagra, and using a C-ring immediately after pumping can really help maintain the length and firmness of your erection.   Outside of the medical realm, some guys choose to use penis pumps for that same benefit of longer, stronger, larger-looking erections, and some just like the way they feel, especially water-powered pumps like those from Bathmate, which can be used in the shower and may make the experience more comfortable than a vacuum suction pump.  Whichever you choose and for whatever reasons, it is important to carefully read and follow the instructions that come with your pump and don’t overdo it in order to prevent injury.

Myth #2:  There’s nothing I can do if I frequently cum too soon or not soon enough.

There are a lot of nasty, teasing nicknames for guys who tend to finish quickly during sexual intercourse, but this is no laughing matter when it gets in the way of enjoying fulfilling, pleasurable sex with your partner.  It can happen to anyone, though, especially if you’ve left things “pent up” for longer than usual – maybe you haven’t had sex with regularity or masturbated as much as you usually do – so when you do finally get that opportunity, BLAM! You’re done, much to your (and often your partner’s) chagrin!  You’re not alone, though, and you’re not helpless!  You can often curb this problem and last longer by sticking to that regular schedule of sex and/or masturbation as mentioned before…it’s a little bit like endurance training for your penis, and the more often you practice, the longer you will be able to last before ejaculating even when very aroused.  You can also try a prolonging spray, like Max Control Prolong Spray, which is also available in Extra Strength.  A daily cream treatment like Max Vitality Stamina may also increase your long term success with lasting longer, for everyone’s enjoyment!   And while condoms are always a good idea, both for preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancy, they may be especially helpful for fast finishers, as they do somewhat reduce sensation.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, but equally frustrating, there are men who have a very hard time or take a very long time to reach climax.  While sex is no fun when it’s just a quick sprint, it should ideally fall closer to a half marathon than a full one.  Even with plenty of foreplay, lube, and passion involved, things dry out, friction happens, and sex starts to get tiring.  Your partner may even feel that she’s doing something wrong if you’re unable to finish, even though we’ve already busted the myth that good sex always ends with orgasms!  You’re not out of luck either, though.  There are enhancements that may help you, such as Max Arousal Pleasure Gel, which increases blood flow & sensation to help get the party started sooner, or Dragon Virility Cream which creates a gentle but powerful fire & ice sensation to help you perform at your peak, pleasure your partner, and hopefully finish with your own fireworks in a timely fashion as well!

Myth #3:  My partner wants us to use sex toys in bed, so I must not be enough.

This one honestly has less to do with penises and more to do with psychology, but it’s a commonly held belief that may be seriously doing some harm in your relationship, so let’s bust it wide open.  If your partner has suggested that she’d like to try toys in the bedroom, keep an open mind because there are important reasons for it!  Maybe she wants you to wear a C-ring.  We’ve already read that these can be very beneficial for maintaining a strong erection, there are also models with vibrations or perfectly placed clit ticklers to help her stay aroused and stimulated as well, in ways that just your penis can’t.  You’re just not put together that way, and it’s nothing to be insecure about.  The same theory applies to other kinds of couple’s toys, even if they go inside of her along with your penis, such as the delightful Tiani 3 from LELO…it’s not that you’re not enough, it’s just that these toys produce sensations that feel good to your lover and that the human body alone literally cannot produce…and you might find that you enjoy the vibrations and pulsations created by these toys, too!  Finally, if your partner has dildos or vibrators that are larger than your own member, don’t let this get you down or reflect poorly on your manhood AT ALL.  There is enough to talk about regarding penis size for a whole separate post which will be happening soon, but for now, just trust that it’s not a comparison game; keep an open mind and let your woman explore toys of all different sizes, and even offer to use them with her.  Your own penis is perfectly sufficient to bring her sexual pleasure, but the novelty of a huge fantasy rabbit toy or a curved g-spot toy will bring her new sensations and pleasure that you can’t recreate without the toy but will definitely want to be a part of!  And remember, couples that play together, stay together, and that includes playing with exciting new toys!

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