Foods that Get You in the Mood

by Erica G.

August 15, 2021


Many of us are familiar with at least a few foods thought to be “aphrodisiacs” – foods that, when consumed, (supposedly) trigger a prompt response of immediate horniness.  Oysters, asparagus, chocolate covered strawberries, and red wine have their place in preparing for a romantic evening in, but what if there were foods that could help boost your libido long term?  News flash…there are!  If you and your lover are looking for a mojo boost in the bedroom, start including some of the following foods in your diet.    

Certain studies have been held that fuel the debate – do people enjoy food more than sex? Surprisingly (or maybe not), food wins out in quite a few of these reports. This kind of makes sense, since both eating and sex are linked to stimulating the same pleasure centers in the brain. Being the ever-curious amateur scientist that I am, what if we were to combine the two? Are there certain foods that can be linked to a higher sex drive? Here are 5 common foods that are believed to boost your libido and long-term desire for sex. So stuff your face and then get it on. Foodgasms for everyone!

1. Vanilla

How many words can you read, and the scent just JUMPS right into your consciousness? Even as I type this, I think I will begin using the word ‘vanilla’ as a mantra to see if it calms my nerves while I breathe deep and imagine that scent.  Stress can be a real mood killer, which can lead to being turned off, which can lead to less sex. Staying in that calm, relaxed, turned on state just might be a little easier with the help of this sexy bean. While eating foods containing vanilla may help your libido, the scent is actually more important for this one. Maybe start things off in the bedroom with relaxing couple’s massages using a scented massage candle or oil to go from olfactory to the big O! Vanillaaaaaaaaah….

2. Banana

Let’s just get it out of the way; yes, it’s shaped like a penis. But there are even more appealing reasons as to why bananas should be in your diet. They contain vitamins that help with testosterone production, which is great for men and women (it helps increase your sex drive no matter who you are). The potassium content in a banana will also help alleviate muscle cramping that may occur during marathon sex sessions, and the B vitamins also help with stamina. Plus, they go great with several other foods on this list, so mix and match! I love oatmeal in the morning with a sliced-up banana, some vanilla bean powder mixed in, along with other fruits and nuts on top – yum!

3. Oatmeal

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite the sketchy marketing origins of that phrase, there may be some truth to it when it comes to looking for a libido boost. Oats are a healthy whole grain option that will help give you all-day energy. While kind of bland on their own, it is easy to make taste better by adding fun & healthy ingredients. Warming spices like cinnamon (also an aphrodisiac), nutmeg, and clove taste great in oatmeal, and may even give a temporary boost to your sex drive. Plus, overall blood flow improves after eating oats, due to an amino acid called L-arginine. This amino acid helps to relax blood vessels, leading to more blood flow to your sexy bits, leading to fewer erection problems (and potentially more natural lubricant for ladies).

4. Watermelon

This big ole’ juicy fruit is another tasty treat that turns out to be great for your sex life. Sure, it is made up of mostly water, but that’s one of the great things about it for your sex life.  Staying well hydrated boosts your blood flow and overall feeling of well-being – no more “I have a headache” excuses – and can even assist in the cumming or squirting department. Plus, some of the nutrients & enzymes that are naturally found in this fruit have been prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction for years. Get those juices flowing naturally, avoid taking pills, and enjoy that juicy watermelon!

5. Flax Seed

Speaking of getting juices flowing, if you are light on natural lube, why not add some ground flax to your morning oats? They have little taste, so it can be added to almost anything.  They have amazing sexual health benefits, including being high in essential fatty acids, fiber, and phytoestrogens, which can help you produce more juice! This tiny seed can help lower your discomfort, plus help feed your body the nutrients and fiber (sex isn’t much fun with a heavy meal sitting in a sluggish digestive system) it needs to maintain peak sexual levels of performance. Ground flax was tough to find as little as 5 years ago, but now is on almost every grocery shelf, including places like Wal-Mart and Target. When shopping, go with ground flax, as the whole seed is less likely to be digested and the benefits will diminish a bit.

Honorable mentions-

This list could probably go on forever, but if there is one takeaway, it is this:  Eating is for pleasure, and so is sex, but both are important to a healthy life overall.  A couple simple changes, like eating more of those things that are probably currently laying around your house in a bowl (hopefully not all mixed together waiting to rot) – apples (fight muscle fatigue, improve endurance), walnuts (full of omega 3 fatty acids and L-arginine), and tomatoes (lycopene for circulation) will each help get you on the path to better health and better sex.

Consider cutting out salty, sugary, over-processed, and extra fatty foods. They may taste amazing, but will do little when it comes to improving your sexual desire and skills in the sack. Stick to natural produce, fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and the gains will be felt by you and your loved one!

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