Right On Target! The Best Bullets & Fun Ways to Use Them

by Colleen G.

January 29, 2023


Plenty of good things come in small packages, and bullet vibrators are high on our list of amazing sex toys that don’t need size to make you come, too.

Whether you’re low on cash, just looking for something to hit the clit, or simply prefer discretion and travel-ability, today’s mini bullet vibrators can do it all. From the classics, like the OG corded egg vibrator, to modern sex-tech wonders that rotate and rumble through various speeds, every toy collector needs at least 1 bullet vibe in their drawer.

Bullet and egg vibes are ideal for those of us who adore clitoral stimulation, and because of their tiny stature, they’re ideal for pressing against the clit during partner sex or while self-pleasuring with an insertable toy.

We’ve rounded up a bevy of bullets to fit every budget, stimulation style, and play preference. Just don’t be fooled by their size! These babies can pack a surprising punch of power (if that’s what you’re into, anyway).

Scarlet Velvet Bullet

If you’re new to the wide world of ‘magic bullets,’ you can never go wrong with a multi-function, classic design that costs less than a trip to Starbucks.

For less than $20, the slim, pin-point shape and 10-function motor make the Scarlet Velvet Bullet an easy choice for beginners. This waterproof, bright red bullet features 3 speeds and 7 patterns, and it’s powered by an included AAA battery (which, if we’re talking batteries, we really like, since AAAs are readily available everywhere).

A slim, slender bullet like the Scarlet Velvet can even be popped into the front of many strap-on harnesses, like the Sportsheets Special Edition New Comers Strap On, which has a front pocket in the crotch just for securing bullet vibes.

We-Vibe Tango X

It’s tried, it’s true, and damn, the people really, really love it!

If you’ve ever read a sex toy review blog, you’ve already seen the many praises sung about the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibe. According to pretty much everyone who adores sex toys, this suspiciously simple vibrator packs a seriously powerful punch and delivers the kind of high-quality pleasure you might not expect from such a tiny toy.

The We-Vibe Tango X is the latest iteration of this beloved vibrator. The X version has been updated with a thicker handle for better grip and easier maneuvering, and more intuitive controls for clicking through the toy’s 8 vibration settings and 7 pattern modes.

Tango X is also waterproof, rechargeable, and whisper-quiet considering its strength. Try it for discreet play in the tub or shower.

Kiwi Rechargeable Insertable Bullet

We love a bullet that knows how to be versatile, and the Kiwi Rechargeable Insertable Bullet is just that (hence the name, after all).

The Kiwi features a fully silicone surface and a stretchy, silicone loop, so once you’re all warmed up from clitoral play, you can slide Kiwi inside your V.

Kiwi comes (and so will you) with a remote control to switch between the toy’s 10 vibration modes and 6 intensity levels – even if Kiwi is nestled somewhere your fingers can’t reach at the moment.

Femme Fun Rora Rotating Vibrator

Speaking of bullet vibrators that go the extra mile, we’ve found one that actually rotates, too!

It’s all in the name for the Femme Fun Rora Rotating Vibrator. This luxury bullet has it all: a palm-sized yet thick, silicone shaft; a slight curve at the tip that’ll love your clitoris and G-spot; 8 vibration modes; and, last but not least, a full 360 degrees of rotation.

One of our Lover’s Lane customers even called this toy “the best bullet I have ever bought,” just in case you don’t take our word for it.

Budzee Wired Remote Control Bullet

Though we’re always in favor of sex tech innovation here at Lover’s Lane, we’ll never lose our love for the classics.

With a price of well under $30 and a super-cute cannabis theme, the Budzee Wired Remote Control Bullet blends new technology with a classic, wired design.

Budzee is an egg-shaped bullet vibe featuring 15 vibration functions, a corded remote, and a water-proof exterior. The Budzee adds a boost of modernity with its 1-year warranty (which the old-school bullets definitely did not have) and rechargeable battery.

Little Pleasures Collection

Can’t decide which bullet style fits you best? Treat yourself to a most luxurious bullet buffet with the Little Pleasures Collection from Le Wand Massager.

This curated collection of white, shiny sex-tech toys provides a platter of playthings to please your whole vulva.

For broader, deeper vibrations that resonate from pubic bone to perineum, press the Le Wand Bullet Rechargeable Vibrator against your vulva lips for a good rumble. For more pin-point clit stim, take the Le Wand Point Rechargeable Vibrator for a spin around your clitoral hood and labia.

This cute little kit also includes a bumpy, silicone sleeve for the Point vibe; an enamel Le Wand-branded pin to show off your devotion to pleasure; and a textured silicone c-ring, which will fit snugly around the dildo or slender vibrator of your choice, or your partner’s penis or strap-on dong.

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