The Sexiest Ways to Enjoy Single-dom this Valentine’s Day

by Colleen G.

February 9, 2022


Valentine’s Day eye-rollers, this to-do list is for you! As you hopefully already know, being single on the world’s most hyped-up romantic holiday is no barrier to romantic play. We know you’re capable of treating and pleasing yourself better than the most skillful of lovers!

Honestly, the whole stay-at-home business is kind of awesome when it comes to this year’s V-Day. When you’ve got the whole place to yourself, there’s no wrong way to do Valentine’s. So blast some music, pour some wine, put on something sexy, and lay out your sex toy collection for an evening of solo sinning.

If you’re still stumped for ideas, read on for ten suggestions for singles that will slay all those cheesy teddy bears and boxes of stale chocolate.  You can’t go wrong when you treat yourself…on Valentine’s Day or any day!

1. Indulge in Sexy-Cozy Lingerie

Who says you need another pair of eyes to don something sexy? A romper – like this gorgeously lacy, pink button-up – is as comfortable as it is sensual.

We dare you to step into a romper or some sexy satin pajamas when you haven’t even brushed your hair yet. Your messy bun gets even hotter with the addition of silky fabric and short-shorts.

2. Get Kegel-ing

Don’t feel guilty if your fitness routine went out the window during quarantine. So did ours. But we promise that Kegel exercises feel so sensual, you’ll actually start looking forward to the daily crunch.  Kegels can even help improve your orgasms, so that’s worth working out for!

Get a beginner’s routine going with this 3-weight set, the ultra easy-to-use Ami Pelvic Fitness Weights by Je Joue.

3. Play with Fire and Ice

Icicles No. 84 by Pipedream truly has it all: the smooth hardness of glass, good vibrations via remote, and the capability for temperature play.  There’s no rule that you can’t enjoy sensation play solo, and this toy is a perfect place to start.  

Dip it in cool or warm water for a sensational surprise, or try it with warming Ultra-Stimulating Personal Moisturizer or Ultra-Stimulating & Cooling On Insane Ice from Sensuva. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a removeable suction cup base for some gorgeous shower time thrusting?

4. Play Kinky Dress-Up By Yourself, Because Why Not?

Sexy lingerie and erotic kink wear are not just for people with partners, people. Honestly, why wouldn’t you pull on an overly elaborate lingerie work of art, like the Strapped Mesh Halter Bodysuit or the 3 pc. Slip-In Garter Corset Top and Thong set, and dance around your apartment to your power playlist?

5. Indulge with an Ultra Luxe Pleasure Accessory

Do you really need a designer table lamp that doubles as a lubricant warmer? Oh, yes you do!  If it will make your bedroom adventures more comfortable, it’s so worth it!

The Touch Lubricant Warmer emits a super chill, purple glow while heating up your favorite sexy liquid.

6. Get Real(istic)

Honestly, sometimes there is a better option than the real thing.

The King Cock Triple Density 7 inch is a dildo for connoisseurs of silicone squish. This bad boy is triple-layered, with a bendable but firm core for stiffness and softer outer layers that mimic the squishy-ness of skin.  He’ll bring you many nights of pleasure, no emotional baggage included.

7. Up Your Self-Love Education

When was the last time you cuddled up with a good book? How about a book that’s all about cuddling up with your bad self?

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex is a road map to rubbing, caressing and stimulating your way to pro-level self-love.  Now that’s some quality literature!

8. Tease and Please Yourself

Panty vibes have a reputation within the couples’ toys niche, but we say that’s BS. Pop a panty vibe into your own undies, like the We-Vibe Moxie panty vibrator, find a tantalizing setting, and then see how long you can handle your household chores before crumbling to your knees in ecstasy.

9.  Try an Oscillating Vibrator

Vibe addicts, take note…even you probably haven’t tried every type of vibrator out there yet!  Oscillating pleasure toys don’t rumble or buzz…they oscillate!  Treat yourself to a totally new pleasure experience this V-day.  

The multiple tip options on the Eroscillator move side-to-side practically at the speed of light, stimulating your clitoris in an intense and novel way. We hear super sensitive clits love it, too…especially the super-soft silicone “marshmallow” tip!

10. Turn On Your Love Button

Enhancement products aren’t just for partnered pleasure.  Self-love with a sensitizing cream or oil is like masturbation turned up to 11. Tap some ON Arousal Oil by Sensuva on your pleasure parts and feel your fingertips or a sex toy intensify in a whole new way.

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