Vibing Together: Couples Toys to Bring You Closer

Sex toys made just for two are some of the most popular pleasure products today, and with good reason. Couple’s toys allow for unbridled creativity between the sheets together, connection across long distances, and even some super unique solo play when your partner is away. Just ten-ish years ago, the couple’s toy section consisted of […]

Ask the Intimacy Advisor: Upgrade Your Orgasms

Welcome back to another edition of Ask the Intimacy Advisor, where I answer your most intimate questions honestly & openly…but anonymously!  No question is too silly or too serious, and if you’re thinking it, so is someone else, so lots of people can benefit from your questions!  While they may not seem like it at […]

Ask the Intimacy Advisor: Tackling the Tough Stuff

Sex & intimacy are important to our overall mental & emotional well-being, but sometimes life puts some serious hurdles in the way of us having a healthy and fulfilling sex life.  Romantic relationships aren’t always butterflies and rainbows, but making them work shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth, either.  In this post, the Intimacy Advisor takes […]

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