Vibing Together: Couples Toys to Bring You Closer

by Colleen G.

April 8, 2022


Sex toys made just for two are some of the most popular pleasure products today, and with good reason. Couple’s toys allow for unbridled creativity between the sheets together, connection across long distances, and even some super unique solo play when your partner is away.

Just ten-ish years ago, the couple’s toy section consisted of a few cheap-o, vibrating cock rings (which are still fun for beginners in their own right) and a poorly engineered panty vibe that fell out of your undies with a single step. Now the couple’s toy category is booming with sex tech innovation, and that includes high-end, rechargeable cock rings with remotes and super-strength underwear vibrators for every gender that stay put in your pants.

Now technically, any toy can be a couples toy if you use it with two people, but some are more purpose-built for partnered play. Since April is Couples Appreciation Month, what better time to treat you and your lover to a tantalizing new toy to take your sex up a notch? This list of some of our favorites includes all the best designs made with partners in mind! Read on and get your good vibes on!

Blow and Glow Kit

Do you genuinely love dick? The Blow and Glow Kit is a surefire turn-on for the giver and receiver of penis play with this combo set of the Fun Factory Nos vibrating cock ring and the Manta stroker-vibrator.

No matter your gender pairing, if one or both of you enjoy making stiffies the stars of the show, the Blow and Glow Kit is a luxurious experience for penises. Get things started with Manta, a unique vibrator that wraps around the penis – whether hard or soft – and delivers multiple vibration speeds and patterns that focus on the sensitive frenulum, aka the underside of the shaft, where it meets the head.

Once you or your partner is hard and ready, strap on the Nos couples’ ring. Nos allows you to share the vibrations while the double-motor design can surround the clitoris, tease the testicles, or tickle the taint, depending on how you wear it and share it.

Ziggy 4:20 Cock Ring

What’s more intimate than getting a good laugh in the midst of getting it on?

The Ziggy 420 Cock Ring incites giggles and orgasms with super soft, TPR ticklers in the shape of a cannabis leaf. Ziggy delivers good vibrations with a Mary Jane-print bullet vibe that boasts of 10 speeds and patterns, easy recharging, and even a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Crafted with a medical-grade silicone exterior, the Ziggy 420 bullet is submersible and can even be taken out of the stretchy c-ring for versatile vibing.

Remote Control Boxer Brief Set

Now here’s a sex toy niche that we don’t see often enough: panty vibes for penises! Who says stuffing a vibrator into your undies is only for wearers of lacy, red thongs?

Put the rumble in his pants with the Remote Control Boxer Brief Set, a remote control vibrator with its own pair of boxers, designed just for securing the vibe in place against the penis or testicles – wherever he desires a good buzz.

Now it’s his partner’s turn to take control of dialing up the pleasure! We all know the sex toy trope of ‘girl wears vibrator, guy holds remote, but with the Remote Control Boxer Briefs, you can turn the tables and give him a run for his money during vibrator foreplay.

Sharevibe Couples Toy

Often touted as one of the top wearable, vibrating strapless strap-ons for lesbian couples, the Sharevibe Couples Toy is also celebrated for intermediate-to-advanced level pegging (which, in case you haven’t heard the buzzword, refers to a cisgender woman anally penetrating a cisgender man).

The design and size might be a bit much for beginners, but for those who know their way around a dildo when strapped to the pelvis, the Sharevibe is an ideal plastic playmate.

Sharevibe comes with a 5-speed, waterproof and removable bullet that stimulates both wearer and receiver. The wearer is treated to the bulbous, curved end of the toy, made to stay in place and stimulate the G-spot as you squeeze during intercourse. The receiver enjoys a gently curved, elongated dildo that’s silky smooth and comfortable for either back door or vaginal penetration. It’s extremely flexible so it can accommodate various positions and anatomies with ease.

You can even wear Sharevibe with a strap-on harness for extra security!

Satisfyer Partner Multifun

How the hell do you use the Satisfyer Partner Multifun? Figuring that out is the best part!

Though the Multifun may look more like an office appliance than a vibrator, its triple motors (and combined 100 different pattern options!) will quickly show you otherwise, no matter where you stick it.

Satisfyer provides some suggestions in a pamphlet when you open the box, but our favorites include gently pinching the nipples between Multifun’s flexible arms, running the vibrating arms up and down the length of the vulva or shaft of the penis, and inserting one end of Multifun into the vagina while the second arm rests outside on the clit.

Jive Hands Free G-Spot Vibrator

A true classic in the couples’ toy section, the We-Vibe Jive Hands Free G-Spot Vibrator was designed by the original masters of app-controlled vibrators for nearby and long-distance love.

Pop this petite, bulbous vibrator inside your vagina and let the thin arm rest against – where else? – your clitoris, maybe even going so far as to spread the labia if you’re feeling creative. The Jive stays put if you feel like doing laundry while getting your G-spot rumbled or wearing it out for discreet date play.

In true We-Vibe fashion, though, the Jive’s best features can be accessed and then handed over to a mischievous partner via the app. Simply download, pair, and get jivin!’

Winni Vibrating Cock Ring

When you’ve bought one c-ring, you’ve seen ’em all, right? Not so with the ultra-luxurious Winni Vibrating Cock Ring (or any couples’ ring, really, since we kind of love them all here at Lover’s Lane).

What makes Winni a, well, winner? This remote control, 26-speed cock ring – which is already a bragging right in itself – has an extra-wide, silicone-coated motor, which makes it perfect for grinding while enjoying your partner’s penis or strap-on dildo.

When your partner is away, strap Winni to your favorite dong, straddle the whole set-up on your bed or a pillow, and get your grind on.

Slay #Flexme Flexible Vibrator

It’s an all-over mini wand; it’s a wearable couples’ vibrator; it’s a combo G-spot and clitoral stimulator. The Slay #Flexme Flexible Vibrator is everything you want it to be and more – depending on your creative streak.

The Slay #FlexMe vibe bends open to accommodate all body shapes, however your pleasure parts are laid out down there. Insert the bulb end to apply gentle pressure to your G-spot while the soft, outer arm presses down across your labia and clitoris.

Boasting 10 vibration functions, the Slay #FlexMe works just as awesomely for light, double penetration and vibration for straight couples or a vibrating, grinding toy for scissoring for lesbians.

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