Oh Yeah, Right There: Improving Your Pleasure Communication

Communications during sex are more often comprised of heavy breathing and primal sounds than intelligible, articulate verbal expressions. However, there are times when you need to use your words. The ability to discuss sex between partners before, during, or after sex can lead you to enjoy significantly strengthened sensuality, enhanced sexuality, and earth-shattering orgasms. “In […]

Enjoy Your Not-So-Silent Night

Sex Tips to Heat Up Your XXXmas Eve The holiday season is a stressful time, and what makes a better stress-buster than sex? After the presents are placed and the stockings are stuffed, meet your lover under the mistletoe, then try these tips for some grown-up fun between the sheets. If you have kids, you […]

Asking for (and Offering) the Sex you Both Crave

The day-to-day routine that many of us find ourselves in can lead to fatigue, stress…and unfortunately, a lowered sexual appetite. Combine that with the requirements of work, kids, and all those other responsibilities, and suddenly just finding the time & energy to have sex disappears. Especially if you have been in the same relationship for […]

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