The Hottest Touch Points on Your Lover’s Body

Studying foreplay and the optimal ways to activate your lover’s favorite hot spots that you can touch to stimulate pleasure is an ongoing and most worthwhile pursuit for couples. These touch points usually include your partner’s mouth, nipples, breasts, derrieres, or their genitals. But there are many that you might not have thought about or […]

Hug Your Way to Health (And Happiness)!

It’s hard to imagine now, but during the height of the pandemic, many of us wondered whether hugs were a thing of the past. So great was the initial fear of catching the virus from any touching or close contact that ancient practices such as shaking hands or affectionately touching someone’s arm or shoulder, or […]

Cuddle Alert! Creative Ways to Snuggle Your Sweetie

It’s National Cuddle Up Day – one of our favorite days. Cuddling is a great thing to celebrate, and an easy thing to practice…who doesn’t want more cuddling in their life? Let’s unpack the science of snuggles (not that you need an excuse), and some fun and easy ways you can up your cuddle game […]

Lover’s Lane’s “12 Days of Loving”

The holiday season can be stressful, and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Instead of focusing on our partner, we run around trying to be everything to everyone, neglecting them and ourselves in the process. The “12 Days of Loving” from Lover’s Lane are 12 simple suggestions to try each day […]

Mindful Sex: What is it & How do I have it?

Psychologist Laurie Mintz, Ph.D. calls mindfulness “sex’s best friend.” But how does she define mindfulness? “In a nutshell, it’s simply focusing completely on what’s happening in the present moment,” she explains in her 2017 article “Mindful Sex Is Mind-Blowing Sex” in Psychology Today. “When I teach students and clients about mindfulness, I tell them that […]

Asking for (and Offering) the Sex you Both Crave

The day-to-day routine that many of us find ourselves in can lead to fatigue, stress…and unfortunately, a lowered sexual appetite. Combine that with the requirements of work, kids, and all those other responsibilities, and suddenly just finding the time & energy to have sex disappears. Especially if you have been in the same relationship for […]

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