May is “Sex Ed For All” Month: Here’s Why It Matters

May is Sex Ed For All Month, and we think that’s something worth talking about! After all, the whole mission of The Intimacy Advisor is to provide enlightening facts and information about romance & intimacy, and tools for self and partnered pleasure. Adult sexual education, if you will – but sex ed needs to start […]

Even After April Showers…Vaginas Don’t Smell Like Flowers

A healthy vagina can smell like a lot of different things. No matter how fresh & clean we are, though, flowers isn’t one of them. One of the (sadly many) areas our health classes growing up mostly left us in the dark about is genital health. We may have learned about our periods, safer sex, […]

Parents as Teachers: Sexual Health Education Starts at Home

Sunday, November 8th is National Parents as Teachers Day.  The important role of parents in a child’s education should always be celebrated.  This year more than ever, more and more parents are taking on the role of full-time educator to their kids, especially if their physical schools have been shut down due to the pandemic […]

Shining the Spotlight on Women’s Health

As all of our favorite sports teams, companies, food brands, and buildings light things up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about breast health and more! Take some time this month to tune in to your body and mind, and make any appointments you need […]

Don’t Put THAT Down There!

Trying new things in the bedroom is fun, but it’s important to keep your boudoir activities safe, as well…whether partnered or solo!  It’s also great to want to improve your sexual wellness practices, but there are some suspicious suggestions that you should steer clear of.  There are plenty of products made for the sole purpose […]