The Best Sex Toys for Couples with Vulvas

by Colleen G.

March 11, 2023


We’re proud to participate in the pleasure industry as sex toy design has seriously stepped it up for lesbian and queer couples.

As a retailer, Lover’s Lane depends on progressive designers and manufacturers to provide us with couple’s toys that work for all couples, not just straight, hetero folks. Not too long ago, finding quality sex toys for partners with vulvas, or basically any couple who didn’t fit the typical P in V narrative, was difficult af.

Thanks to the voices of LGBTQIA+ consumers and manufacturers, things have really changed in the adult products sector and now there are loads of vibrators, couples toys, and bedroom accessories to fit paired folks with vulvas.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite new designs that cater to lesbian and queer relationships with a focus on vulva and vaginal stimulation.

Niya Form 5 Dual Purpose Massager

Let us count the ways that we adore this ride-able, flexible vibrator that’s perfect for couples who aren’t that into penetration, want to combine their penetrative play with some extra vulva attention, or just love tribbing and grinding.

The Niya Form 5 Dual Purpose Massager looks a little bit like a manta ray with its rounded wings and flat body. In the middle, the Niya Form 5 features a raised bump for grinding that also houses the toy’s motor, which vibrates in 10 different modes.

The Niya Form 5 is so flexible you can roll it together in your hand like a little, manta ray-shaped pancake.

Lesbian and queer couples can lay the Niya down on a bed and grind away together while sitting face-to-face, or take turns riding Niya’s slightly wavy, textured grinding bump. You can even lay Niya between your bodies and grind against each other while sharing the vibrations.

Gender X Velvet Hammer Wearable Vibrator

We dig the entire Gender X toy line because it truly lives up to its name. This line of completely genital-neutral toys gives zero f*cks about gender and all the f*cks about folks having a good time in bed.

The Gender X Velvet Hammer Wearable Vibrator is perfect for lez and queer babes who can’t (and shouldn’t have to) choose between vulva grinding and toy penetration.

Insert this toy into your V and the shaft cozies up against the front wall. On the outside, a clitoral stimulator lays against your entire vulva, sending 10 modes of vibration through your lips and down into your vagina.

Couples with vulvas can each wear their own Velvet Hammer and then grind against each other while leaving hands and mouths free for kissing and touching. It also sounds pretty fun to take turns wearing the Velvet Hammer while seeing how many household chores you can make your partner do before they melt in a climax.

Cocktail Couples Toy

Raise your hand if you’re gay and you love anal play! Get creative with your booty stim with the Cocktail Couples Toy.

This small butt plug features a funky, dual-stim design and 10 vibration settings that can be controlled on the toy itself or with that Cocktail’s double-button remote.

We like the Cocktail because, for starters, it’s silicone, so you can easily clean it and allow for more ways to play.

When used as a butt plug, wear the Cocktail with it’s little, external nub facing toward your vagina and vulva. The butt plug’s motor will vibrate inside your booty, and the toy’s second motor – inside that little little nub – can be inserted inside the vagina or left outside to stimulate the vulva.

With a thorough washing, you can also use the Cocktail as a vaginal insertable, leaving the nub outside to vibrate against the clit or, when turned around, the perineum and b-hole.

Frisky Finger Vibrator

What can’t you do with a finger vibe? For queer couples, mini, wearable sex toys can go pretty much anywhere, from between your partner’s legs to your travel bag.

The Frisky Finger Vibrator slips discreetly into your travel tote, overnight bag, or purse to add a little buzz wherever you’re at.

Vibrating in 9 unique speeds, we like the Frisky Finger Vibe’s broad, wide tip that flares out on the ends. The Frisky secures on you or your partner’s hand like a little glove, so it won’t slide around while you trace it across your partner’s breasts and down to their vulva (unless you had lube on your finger before putting on the Frisky, in which case, that mistake’s on you, pal).

Strap-On-Me Multi Orgasm Bendable Strap-On

Could we really conclude a blog on queer and lesbian sex toys without including at least 1 strap-on? Of course not!

You’ve probably tried a strap-on before, but the Strap-On-Me Multi Orgasm Bendable Strap-On has got some serious game.

The wearer gets to experience an internal, vibrating G-spot bulb, an extra vibrator nestled just under the clitoris, and suctioning, air pulsations against the clit and vulva. The receiver is treated to a bendable shaft with a bulbous head and a third vibrator tucked into the end of the toy.

You might have to toss a coin to decide who gets to ride and who gets to wear.

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