How to Get Lucky Tonight

by Christopher J.

March 17, 2023


As green dye fills the river (and the beer) and spirits run high, there’s an awful lot of talk about luck. We want to run with that and talk about getting lucky! There are times when you need no instructions, no incentives. You see that “Let’s break the bed” look in your lover’s eyes, and, well, you make your mattress bounce and bend in ways it’s never had to before.

But then there are times when you’re overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities, or you’ve fallen into a rut and have forgotten what it means to rut!

So, here are ten suggestions to help you create fun, sextastic moments for each other. Ways to break the ice and then keep going. Fire up an abundance of sexual heat that will ensure that you forget about everything else and experience nothing but each other’s heavy breathing and lubed up & loosened body parts!

You don’t even need any lucky charms to turn on the charm and initiate spectacular, spontaneous sex. Try these tantalizing tricks on St. Patrick’s Day, or anytime you just need to spice up your sex life and get lucky tonight!

1) Make a Date:

But don’t stop there. Make it a first date. Pretend that you’ve just met for the first time, and make it clear that you fully intend to enjoy a one-night-stand or a lost weekend together. Bring some bonbons and your lover’s favorite drink. “Oh, really? What a magical coincidence!”

Or go one step further: Arrange a secret rendezvous. This may or may not start with hiring a babysitter. Let your lover know which restaurant or hotel they should meet you at and that you will fill in the details later. Then make sure the room is fully laid out with all the toys of seduction from lingerie to massage oils to vibrators and the latest and greatest romantic technology. Now you can have that unforgettable evening of love and lust you both deserve.

2) Nighttime Navel Naughtiness:

Find fun items to fill in your lover’s bellybutton. Start by performing a racy striptease while they watch from a comfortable chair and sip a preferred bevvie. Then have them stand so that you can slowly remove each piece of their clothing. Have them lie down and give them a light touch, fingertip massage.

Then it’s time to load their bellybutton with a delicious pinot noir or Hershey’s Kisses or a few jellybeans – a favorite expensive candy or exotic beer that they really love. Make it something you enjoy so that you can work your way down their body and stop to savor the bellybutton delicacy before moving on.

3) Surprise Sex:

Find a time to initiate sex at a most unexpected moment. Don’t wait until the end of a long workday. Pull your lover into the bedroom or onto the couch while they’re vacuuming the floor on a Saturday afternoon. Yank the towel off their waist after they’ve taken a shower in the morning. Ask them to unwrap a sex toy after dinner and tell them there is a surprise demonstration happening in the living room in two minutes. Be there.

4) Commitment or Consequences:

Lately, you’ve found yourself binge-watching Netflix or Hulu rather than doing the hot ‘n horny honeymoon hula at night. What can you do? Well, start by taking the flat screen out of your bedroom. Or at least commit to each other that you will not watch any programs every night or at least certain nights of the week. Then agree to specific “punishments” for anyone who does not follow the bingeing ban.

5) Produce your own private lingerie modeling special:

Spend some time perusing sexy lingerie & menswear for each other online or at your nearest Lover’s Lane store. Buy something you like for yourself and something you like for your partner. Then schedule a private performance modeling session. Pretend it’s a fashion show, and don’t forget to show off your best moves when you get to the end of the runway. If you’ve got a good video camera, put it to use, so that you can enjoy reruns of your dirty documentary before bed.

6) Play Dom for a Day:

You don’t have to be hardcore BDSM practitioners to enjoy a little domination play once in a while. Introducing a new power dynamic can be fun, and an intense turn-on for many. Start by telling…nay, commanding your lover to get into the bedroom RIGHT NOW and look at all of the toys and treats you’ve secretly prepared in the room: a paddle, several vibrators and dildos, a blindfold, a flogger, massage oils, or whatever else strikes your fetish fantasy fancy. Order them to tell you exactly what they think will happen with each. Then tell them to take off all of their clothes and let the fun begin.

7) Get It On Outside the Bedroom:

There are many places other than your bedroom or a hotel room that you can get lucky. Find a cool location that’s safe and private – or not, depending on how daring you feel. Think park or beach or wilderness area. Don’t ignore any applicable public indecency laws, though. Find a quiet country road and a place to park and do it in your car. Reserve a B&B room and do it in front of a big picture window. Or maybe find an unusual place at home – your deck, your laundry room, the kitchen, the basement rec room, the garage – some place you’d never thought to have sex before.

8) Sexting is Sexy:

On your way home from work, send a sultry text, and keep the thread going. Include a sexy photo or poem or song. You’re bringing home dinner from their favorite restaurant. Then tell your lover what they should be wearing when you get home. Tell them what you’re going to do to them as soon as you walk in the door. They’ll be so excited to greet you when that moment arrives, you might trip on them.

9) The Tease & Tantalize Game:

Have your lover remove their clothes and lie on their back. Touch or kiss random points on their body, starting with their knee or elbow. Then work your way closer to their erogenous zones to get them highly aroused. Then change places. Tell them to touch or kiss you where you indicate with your finger. Slowly work your way around and down your body until you cross the goal line. Add a blindfold to heighten your touch even more. After all that teasing, you’ll both be ready to pounce!

10) Play Kissing Games:

Making out isn’t just for young lovers, and kissing games definitely aren’t just for high schoolers at their first unattended coed party. Let the ultimate foreplay activity get you started and be open and free to see where it leads. Play spin the bottle but wearing only underwear. Or check out this great list of kissing games and try a different one every night for a week. No corny “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts required.

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